🔥 100% working:🔥 Reset Windows 8, 10 Password: The Easiest way 😎👍

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Easy Way To Reset-Recover windows eight password of admin and user. You can recover the admin password even if you forget it, and This is a full guide and using a free software we can achieve this task. Buy and download here http://softwarebuzzer.com/reset-and-recover-windows-8-login-passoword/ So if you have forgotten the password of Windows 8 and now you cannot login Windows eight since the main password is incorrect. In this case, you need to reset and we can achieve this by using free software from company Lazesoft. Download the LazeSoft Software From here: http://softwarebuzzer.com/reset-and-recover-windows-8-login-passoword/ Subscribe to the channel for more updates! If you got any questions drop them in the comments below. Good day!


  1. Hello Sir,
    Plz let me know what to do after i have installed the software(Lazesoft) on another computer.
    how to proceed the next steps with a USB drive?
  2. Awesome bro it works👍
  3. how am i suppose to download software on my laptop since i can't log in. Answer that
  4. thanks
  5. DOES NOT WORK ON WINDOWS 8.1 64BIT OR WINDOWS 10 64BIT Using USB Device, but does work using CD/DVD. If you are not logged in as a local account it WILL NOT reset the password..
  6. bro i cant find the boot option part
    can u write the steps plzplz i need it its important i cant find the lazesoft thing
  7. the problem is, i need the admin user password to install Lazesoft program. help!! me
  8. thank you 1000000 times , you saved my life , appreciated your big effort , working with me 100 % , thanks
  9. gooooooood it work THANKS
  10. its very nice.. i loved it.. easy and top working.. keep it up
  11. Does this work on windows 10?
  12. shows me disk error in matrix mode
  13. Helpfull Thanx :)
  14. Please does this work for Windows 10?
  15. hey guys im gonna show you how to recover your forgotten password... first open your computer and download this thing. :[
  16. will the hard disc also get deleted?
  17. worked 100 %, is free.
  18. how about in asus laptop? how do you do it? i cant even open it
  19. awsome. its working
  20. files remain safe or not??