Android Sony Xperia Z phone - How to retrieve SMS and contacts when the Android screen is broken?

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Android Sony Xperia Z mobile phone - How to retrieve SMS and contacts when the Android screen is broken? My Sony Xperia Z mobile smartphone has finally gave up on me. Its touch screen is not working anymore. A visible crack on the screen is noted on the bottom left, which probably was the cause of the touch screen not to work anymore. Probably 90% of us, we're caught off guard in this kind of situation and is not prepared to face the challenge of retrieving important messages and files from the broken screen of your (Sony Xperia Z) Android phone. So after searching google, I found some solutions. By default, only multimedia files, such as videos and images, can be recovered/transferred to a computer from the broken (Sony Xperia Z) Android phone via a USB cable. SMS and contact list won't be transferred by default! In order to retrieve SMS and contacts, you need to use/do the following: 1. Using Coolmuster Android Assistant - it has friendly GUI and very easy to use, fully capable of dealing with Android media, contacts, SMS, apps, etc. in one place on your PC! - the downside for this method is that you need to set up USB debugging which would be impossible as your screen has been broken already. *tip* enable USB debugging now! - (be ready always) So you only need to plug the USB cable to the PC. for more instruction on how to use it, click here 2. Manual retrieval from backup data (thanks to Johannski) - When you are able to backup your data using either PC companion or Sony Bridge for Mac, a file name called, "Fullbackupdata" is available for each backup folder. However, this file is unreadable from any text viewers/editors. A clear guide for advance user has been given by Johannski on how to recover the readable texts. It's an awesome tip! *note* His .jar file has been designed to work only on Windows and in Desktop mode. - for Mac users, either you use bootcamp or virtual machine. In my case I use, Windows 8 Enterprise in Vmware Fusion 6 For more info, click here 3. Lastly, just connect a USB on-the-go(otg) cable and a usb mouse! - no software installation needed - the simplest way to check, delete, add, backup everything inside your phone. You can control again your phone however, not by touch screen but by using a mouse. Links to check: Windows OS and virtual machine Author of the manual retrieval Android managing software Sponsored - thanks!


  1. Thanks bro, saved my day :D Just need to mention, that its only wired mouse working :)
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  3. thank you!! first way with mouse is brilliant!! thank you again!
  4. but how can i debug it now that it is already broken?
  5. no body can realy show what to do when the screen is black from broken but the phone works. Fix that !
  6. Is must to download this program ? And do i have to download that program to my phone before i can plug the mouse to my phone and use it ?
  7. What happens when everything works according to the tutorial, but the mouse doesn't interact with the phone? The adapter works perfectly, and I'm able to see the screen of my phone on the tv (since my screen is completely black and dysfunctional), but when it comes for the mouse to interact with the phone screen, nothing happens. I've gotten 2 different mice to see if it was the mouse not working, but nothing changed. HELP!
  8. thanks dude!! you save my life! i can get my Bos contacts,,,
  9. cheers bro saved me
  10. Hey thanks for this awsome video..I broked by Xperia z .... Will it work if I have a pattern lock in my cellphone....???
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  12. what about totally destroyed screen?can't see anything,how to unlock it
  13. thanks a lot for your really works...... 5 stars........
  14. Will this work without usb debugging?
  15. To recover/retrieve readable files(contacts and SMS messages) inside Sony's backup file "Fullbackupdata". check this video, Sony Xperia tip: How to recover/retrieve readable files inside Sony's backup file "Fullbackupdata"