Blackberry error repair for ALL MODELS

Author: Alexandru Dan Ion
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We are showing here a quick repair for all the Blackberry errors you might encounter. Subscribe to our channel to get the free info you might need. Ask us about your Blackberry issues and we'll try to give you a quick free solution to your problems. Download link to ALL BLACKBERRY MODELS: Lick the link, in the drop down select your model. Put in your details and download the software you need! Hope this helped!


  1. Sir me my mobile 9800 torch error 507 problem....
  2. I dont know what to do my blackberry always java error
  3. i have a blackberry leap and its stuck where its uploading device software and it shows me an A:0x000000A2 error, when im uploading the os. please help i am stuck
  4. Sir I have blackberry q5 which error can I download for this device .plz help sir
  5. thax is don
  6. Hey bro I have BlackBerry z10
    And I face software problem My problem is my mobile when restart mobile delete all my data and look like its new blackbery will open
    And now I am facing this trouble my mobile not save any pic video and any this not be save
  7. Thank you so much man,I have followed your steps for Blackberry curve 9220 & I am able to reload the system software & make the phone complete working. The main part of this video as per my opinion that we have to re-installed the system software without putting the Battery in phone...............A very helpful video.....10/10
  8. Multumesc Alexandru Dan Ion
  9. Thank you soo much! It worked! in 2018! :D I revived my dead BB 9900!
    Blackberry has taken down most of the download links hence, I suggest you guys to download the Blackberry OS 7 from TORRENT and installing it while the usb is connected with the computer.( It's an .exe file , size 246mb) after installing that you can follow the method in the video. And it works! :D
  10. thank you so much
  11. salut alex vreau sa te intreb ceva daca nu te superi sti vreun diagnostic program am un blackberry z30 si nu apare nimic pe ecram dar in momentul ce il conectez pe laptop imi apare ca trebuie sa pun parola la telefon dar nu vad nimic pe telefon.... vreau un diagnostic software sa vad daca e ceva cu placa de baza sau alta problema ....te rog frumos .... ajutama...
  12. Thank u sir
  13. When I load the application loader it detects the pin and then after clicking next it says "your destop blackberry software doesn't have software for the device that u have connected"...what should I do?
  14. please anyone how do i get pass the JVM, EMAIL ME
  15. hello I live in china and I use blackberry passport , there are a lot of social network blocked here and I want to use a vpn . but cannot install any on my device . do you have any suggestion ?
  16. How about the 404 error that I've encountered in playbook. any solution for that?
  17. i rest my bbz10 now he still on 99%
    after 3 days i am waiting
    pliz brothers tell me how to solve this pliz.....
    my whatsapp nu is +918o87377oo9
    i am waiting
    Sushil Waghmare
  18. you are the greatest i have ever seen it has worked for my blackberry z10 red light and black screen
  19. my blackberry 9520 not connected via jvm it"s not connected while i am flashing the phone and its red light blink only..plz help me..
  20. Sir you are the best it works 100%