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I will show you how to burn a CD or DVD to backup your files in ImgBurn free burning software for Windows. ImgBurn is a Free CD DVD burning software which allows you to burn Data files to optical media. It is easy to use, and fast. All you have to do is select the files or folders you want to burn to cd and click burn. You can pick the speed you want to burn it at and verify it when ImgBurn is done burning. You can even instruct ImgBirm to shutdown your PC after disk burning. The user interface is clean, but also very boring looking. Talk about it on my blog: http://johnsonyip.com/wordpress/2010/05/14/burn-file-storage-cd-r-dvd-r-with-imgburn-video/ For More Free Computer Help: http://johnsonyip.com http://johnson-yip.com http://pctutorial.info http://twitter.com/johnsonyip Downlad ImgBurn: http://imgburn.com


  1. The ImgBurn installer is deceptive. You can choose "custom install", and then de-select the crapware, then choose "next." Guess what happens? You now have another dialog box where you for the second time have to select "custom install" and deselect the crapware, or you automatically get junk installed. And then, you get a message that says "Leaving all the boxes unchecked will not install anything." It is deceptive. The installer has a definite murky quality to it.

    fact: it tries to install Open Candy.
    fact: once OC has been avoided, it tries to install other crap by default.

    imgBurn is not OK
  2. you dont know what the fuck your doing
  3. I think games are copyprotected, so you can't burn the whole disc, and play it on a console. But, you can burn files like audio, video, and pictures from a game to DVD to backup
  4. can i burn any files with imgburn or just video i trying to burn game files to dvd
  5. Yes, you would need a Disc drive which has DVD-RW or CD-RW and the word Rewriteable on the drive tray to burn files to CD-R discs.
  6. DVD disc drives are not DVD-RW drives, so DVD drives can only play DVD disc, but not write DVD-R disc to make DVD-R or DVD-RW Data Disc.
  7. Maybe your disc drive is broken, and needs to be replaced. There are inexpensive external USB DVD burners which you can buy, so replacing one is simple since you do not even have to open a PC to install a USB DVD burner.
  8. Yes, a DVD-RW disc drive can play DVDs, and burn DVD-R, CD-R, DVD-RW, and CD-RW discs.
  9. A Empty CD-R can be burned with a DVD-RW drive. A DVD drive can just play DVD and CD, but won't burn CD-R or DVD-R disc.
  10. Maybe the CD-R disc is broken. You can try another CD-R, or a different brand of CD-R burnable disc. You can't burn files on to regular CDs like music CDs.
  11. You can try burning the CD with another user account on Windows like your Administrator Account which comes with your PC, and is usually the first account on Windows. You need to burn your files to CD with CDburnerXP by making a data CD. You can't directly save files to CDs.
  12. If you download/make DVD ISO files ripped from DVD movie disc with a DVD movie ripper software like DVDFab, and use CD Burner XP to burn the ISO file to DVD then it should play on most DVD players. I think if your video is saved as a divx and Mpeg2 file and burn to the disc then it might play if your dvd player can play divx or mpeg2 video from data discs.
  13. hey i like to know... if u burn this rite... can a play on dvd player like an xbox or ps3 to watch the video?
  14. Yes they are more expensive though I do find them very convenient by not ending up with lots of discs named Pt1 & Pt2 when the job requires more than 4.3GB. Anyway, thanks for your help :)
  15. I never burned a dual layer disc, but I think IMG Burn can burn Dual Layer Disc. I found a topic on their forum for burning DL disc at forum . imgburn . com/index . php?showtopic=1777 . I never tried DL disc since they are somewhat more costly then single layer for my burning needs. Hope the forum topic helps you out.
  16. Hi johnsonyip1, thanks for your video. I am using ImgBurn I never used ImgBurn before and I'm not sure how to go about burning a DL DVD Data Disc. I used to use Nero for this type of thing but lately it's been giving me errors by stopping half way during the burning of layer 2. Can you help me out please? Thanks :)
  17. I never use DVD flick. ImgBurn is a good free CD/DVD burning program in my experience of using it.
  18. Yes, burning just copies/back ups the files to your CD-R or DVD-R by burning them to disc. Your files can be found in the folder or drive which you stored them on your computer.
  19. after we burn the file to the disc the file will stay on the computer?
  20. @JBPJFL Thanks for the feedback, I try to use more explanations, subtitles, diagrams, and points in future videos instead of just flashing around and getting it done. This was one of my first videos from a year a go, so I was not very experienced with making videos. I still feel I got a lot to learn and improve on related to making PC help videos.