CDR-Labs - MRT Ultra Data Recovery 4 Channel SATA 1 IDE Tool Unboxing [ Viewpoints ]

Author: Amarbir's - Chandigarh Datarecovery Labs
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This is a video of MRT Ultra " Professional Data Recovery Hardware / Software Complex Tool " Unboxing .This is The Daddy of Data Recovery Products From MRT Labs and Comes With 4 SATA Channels And 1 IDE/PATA Channel .In This Video i Unbox The Product And Give My Inputs And Thoughts. For Data Recovery In Chandigarh Call : Amarbir - 09815000133


  1. How much is this
  2. where you buy it
  3. Hello Man, one answer, ¿what is the most complete data recovery tool or the best? (more solution cases problem: firmware, etc.): PC-3000 Express, DeepSpar, DataCompass, DFL Dolphin Data Lab, MRTLab...

    ¿What is a ranking?
  4. 3:42 this part is too good
  5. appreciate it