Convert any File using cmd

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need a converter to convert files huh......not any more check this video out and discover a new way to convert any file using command prompt...... HAVE FUN :)))))


  1. Seen everything but got help only from you. Thanks a lot😍😍😍
  2. this is shit. it just rename the file it doesn't convert the file type.
  3. rename . *
  4. lmfao this is so shit... Changing the file name doesn't change to file type the original metadata of the file will still be the same. Most files you will need a converter because the name doesn't dictate the actual file type in the file.
  5. how can i convert MP file
  6. Maximize the CMD windows
  7. Check online batch file to shell script converter tool.
  8. Thks u so much now i can convert my files to part and continue my chrome downloads
  9. what the... that isnt even converting files. you just rename them, but they are just the same as before -.- pls delete that video, it tells crap to ppl
  10. changing the name doesn't change the path...duh
  12. this is just renaming the files and changing extension, waste of time.
  13. It's renaming, not converting. Absolutely useles.
  14. I honestly can’t see the screen. The resolution is so bad. I can’t make out the pixels. Is they’re a text version I can read
  15. ROTFL!!!
  16. fuckkk it worked , I didnt believe at first hahaha
    I open cmd, type CD DESKTOP (which is the location) CD securre(name of the folder) then click rename . *.mp3 hahaha shit Im impressed
  17. Thanks a lot for the big help!! Very much appreciated...Cheers,
  18. Your full of it sure its going to change too it but it will not open it what your changing it too the file in use of another format its useless. Waste of time.
  19. Using the steps shown, I converted ms word to pdf format but I can't open the pdf file. could you advise?
  20. For just changing file extension this trick is very useful.. Thanks:)