Create a Recovery Disc in Windows 7

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Here's a quick tip for you all. The Windows 7 Recovery disc helps you to fix startup problems and handle bootloader issues as well. For those who are downloading the Windows 7 Recovery disc, well, if you've got an extra Windows 7 computer, you might as well use that to create a recovery disc instead of having to download one =P Get the wallpaper here for those who keep asking me :) ENJOY!


  1. Can You Use The Repair Disk You Created To Install On Another Computer? Say A Computer that Has Windows 10 And You Want To Install That Windows 7 On It?
  2. thank you bro 😊
  3. thanks for the video.  clear and concise.
  4. Great tutorial
    short and in to the point !
  5. Thank you for the video! cheers !
  6. Your Tutorial Destination!:::there's comments below, between creating a Recovery Disk and A Repair Disk.your Titles says Create a Recovery Disk.But when you go to control panel it only gives you the options of "Create a Repair Disk". Is that the Same as A Creating a Recovery Disk??? Now I'm confused...because I want to create a Recovery disk for when I replace a hard drive to AN SSD..i will need the recovery disk and not a repair I'm thinking since it don't show recovery disk on the menu of the control panel I'm thinking it is Two and the same thing yes?? please reply??Thank You
  7. so i have windows 7 home preimium would the create image disk do me any good if i wanted to try to install windows 10 and it fails so i use it to go back to windows 7?
  8. I fuvking love you bro this video is so old but it was really helpful who would've known that the easiest shit would come in handy thank man
  9. Would be nice if you would talk a little slower and clearer rather than fast and mumble. Thanks anyway.
  10. Nice presentation!
  11. thank you my friend ^_^
  12. Hey can u restore your computer using this method?
  13. i have a DVD-R N I HAVE A CD R 52X
  14. HELP my pc say the system repair disc Could not be created
  15. yeah - quick is right!  Talks so damn fast and mumbles!!!

  16. Sucks Dosent Even Work!!!!! Waste my Cd!
  17. this is how to make a repair disk, not a recovery disk they are two different things
  18. Cheers mate, great video!
  19. is this disk the same as a system recovery disk? i.e. does it have the windows 7 OS on it? I am sending my computer to a tech and they want me to include "recovery disks." I am a little confused.
  20. im looking to factory reset my computer is this the disc i use