Create System Image Backup of Windows 8.1 and Restore from it

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This tutorial is on how to create a system image backup of your Windows 8.1 I'm also going to show you how to restore from it. For this video tutorial I'm using an external Hard Drive. Change the boot sequence in BIOS


  1. Thank you, I finally found a clear and consise way to create an image and restore. Notes from this and image saved to ext drive. THANKS!
  2. Easy to follow nice video! But what if I don't have the recovery disk with there any option? Thanks
  3. Thanks for such a great and simple video. Please tell me Does it saves my Drivers and other softwares too?
  4. Hey, I get a failed message:

    "A data disk is currently set as active in BIOS. Set some other disk as active or use the DiskPart utility to clean the data disk, and then retry the restore operation"

    Any ideas? Spent hours trying to figure this out...
  5. Thanks Sir
  6. Brief and straight to the point...Thank you
  7. thank you.....just finished my first backup....merci!!!!!
  8. I want to ask a question
    I don't have last image recovery and lost my data during the windows update....what can i do now to recover my data
  9. Can i use external hard drive for backup and then restore? Tnx
  10. HOW TO KNOW THE Folder (windows image pack up) ACTUAL SIZE ?
  11. Will this work on a multiple systems?
  12. can i backup Windows and restore in another pc??
  13. u cheater....almost made me feel like it was ext. hdd.., u better find other job
  14. Can I use the image on another hdd? I wanna upgrade my 128gb ssd to a 240gb ssd.
  15. hellow, i have win.8 pc and got infected can i create system image and restore from it
  16. Hello, I commented on another videos of yours earlier and I think this is exactly what I wanted. I can do this with an internal HDD and they don't have to be the same HDD as each other? My C drive is a SDD and my internal backup is a regular HDD.

    Also, is there a way to have this run automatically? I am looking for a time-machine (Mac) alternative for PC.

    Or is a RAID 1 a better way as it always keeps a mirror of the C Drive?

    Thank you!
  17. How much space is required for the backup and can I use a flash drive. If yes how much capacity should I go for?
  18. Hi Miguel, thanks for the video. I have a couple of questions:
    1.- Can the drive where you store the backup have other data not related to windows backups? I'm worried of losing data from my external HDD.
    2.- What happens if you press "Install" instead of "Repair your computer" after booting with the drive where you stored the backup?
  19. how to go to the press any key to boot from ......
  20. the external drive is it necessary
    to be empty