DIY How to: a successful data recovery from clicking hard drive. Recover your files Yourself

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In this video I explain how to recover data from a clicking hard drive. There are several types of clicks of death. This click is recoverable.


  1. Ami harddisk thik korbo kivabe apnader thikana pabo
  2. First and foremost (thank you ) for sharing youre skill set with me/us/the world. For the past two weeks I have been reading or watching every thing I can abought this kind of problem with hard drives. You are the first info video that drove the topic all the way home "at least 4 me.". I have struggled with learning disabilities for 40+ years, and I was able to get it on the first-round with youre demistration. Thanks again!!
  3. The most impressive thing in this video is the widescreen CRT
  4. this only works with real old dirves anything in the last ten years requires the bios chip resoldering which is not easy ......
  5. I love you man as you solved my problem
  6. Firstly not a major loss if fails data wise but would you do this first or the releasing needle trick repair?
  7. et les ss titre en français
  8. Don't use power tools on a hard drive. What is not mentioned is that the two controller cards have to match, and if you have to ask about this, just don't do it. Send it off and get your data back. The wrong controller can scramble your data. Personally I would recommend DriveSavers. You may only get one shot at your data, what is it worth?
    As a side note: if your unbelievably lucky and this works for you. REPLACE THE DRIVE after you get your data off of it. Died once it is extremely likely that it will happen again.
  9. What device did you put together that you tested this hard drive with
  10. That sensual touch at 16:46
  11. So if I accidentally used a 19v power adapter on a 12v external hard drive, then it's just the diode I need to replace?
  12. Abraham I have a quick question. My macbook pro shuts down during reboot stage. Please help me figure out what to do or direct me to the right place.

    I love your videos!
  13. Thank you for this video. You helped me fix bad Western Digital 320GB (WD320AAJB). Now I will copy to SSD and have computer back.
  14. get boards here, pcb number must match, mostly u need to swap bios chip
  15. That is why you want to BACK UP your data. If a Drive crashes just get another one and restore from your backup.
  16. Seagate 2tb barracuda and a Seagate 500mb, 11 click shutdown prob seems common. Is that the heads stuck or not finding the system sector or mount sector to mount? Almost tried the circuit board swap before wayching this vid, guessing it would freak and blow up? (Using good 500mb to unclick 2tb drive)
  17. This is what my computer is doing. Were to find Doner boards oh boy.
  18. Very unprofessional. 90% of what he said is a nonsense.
  19. Hey my macbook pro hard drive went bad - I need help to recover my data - Fujistu model MJA2250bh
  20. fantastic video 👍🏻👍🏻