Don't Waste $1000 on Data Recovery

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  1. Lol guess i got lucky, i was using a drive that was clicking for weeks until it was crashing my PC, then bought a new drive and was able to copy 95% except i had some hangs
  2. I had a dead 160gb samsung hdd, didn't hear any clicks may be spin but no clicks, got another same brand hdd found in cheap (by that time 320gb became cheaper than my old 160gb lol), replace the pcb unscrewing and rescrewing to the old one, bada boom! Worked like a charm! And pcb revision thingy is ultimate bs! Just make sure the pins match to the head unit. I did the replace several times and never de/resolder rom chip thingy. Don't make it a rocket science, just get same brand pin matched hdd for same to less price and you're good.
    Second case, had the clicking issue, knowing it's gonna be dead, just got another hdd, replaced the head, backed the data up since there would be dust once I open the case, surprisingly apart from some dead sector, that thing is still working! And I did those replacements with my bare hand! I might still find my fingerprint on the head arm if I opened that again!
    Firmware issue? Download and reflash the older firmware from the internet.
  3. My hard drive just makes a clicking sound it fell off my desk
  4. Why de/re solder the ROM chip? Just get SPI programmer, read in the old 'BIOS' info from the chip, save it, and replace it onto the new board.
  5. background sound is nice.
  6. I need to bring my external hard drive to a professional. My computer can't recognize it at all and I have photos on it. I tried everything
  7. Looked like norton's disk doctor
  8. I think our pc's Hard drive got corrupted by virus 😭 can it still be recovered?
  9. 5:15 - That panic as Linus just scratches the metal of one drive across the PCB of the other... "Yeah, they look(ed) perfect."
  10. What program did you use for imaging?
  11. AWESOME!!!
  12. hello sir can you tell me best data recovery soft wears
  13. Or, you just pirate some data recovery software and let it do its job
  14. What? Pay to eat the shit eaten by SHIT? When it goes to shit. It becomes shit. So let shit,shit and eat all shit
  15. how do i get the files off my dead drive ? it wont power on either . help ?
  16. What happens if you electrocute an SSD by "accident"?
  17. thanks to you I didnt spend 1000$ on data recovery, i spent 10000$ on tools
  18. Having SSD in your computer and watching this from ytb recommendation...
  19. Bullshit
  20. Watching this dude leaves me exhausted!