Don't Waste $1000 on Data Recovery

Author: Linus Tech Tips
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  1. I thought he was going to showcase a gadget that would be able to recover things from a dying hard drive, or some shit..
  2. If Restore 2000 can't get the data off, I get new magnets and a 12v motor! ;)
  3. My external drive factory reset itself. Any chance I can recover my photos and documents. Or no. And how would I do it
  4. Can you believe the cost of data recovery? They are making a killing with each data recovery they perform.
  5. why do I even click on this guy's videos? never again.
  6. Fantastic video about data recovery.....Thanks Linus
  7. Anyone know of a cheap alternative to r-studio?
  8. Thanks for telling me how to do it. Now I'm gonna ask them to repair it for me. Lol
  9. I had a dying 1TB drive with around 600GB of data, that I was able to recover around 80% of before it just stopped transferring. Linux, more specifically Parted Magic was the answer, when Windows just wouldn't load/read it. Although the read speeds were painful...anywhere between 200KB/s and 2MB/s. I had to leave my rig running for a couple of days.
  10. We use M.2 NVME in workstations now exclusively. I have not lost one of these drives, but it would be good to know what’s possible for data recovery on those drives.
  11. I need my 2tb recovered
  12. morron
  13. You might not be superstitious but I am petting mt black cat Jinx while I watch this. She doesn't cause bad luck, it was just an easy name for a black cat. She is around here somewhere in a dark corner sleeping.
  14. Thanks
    All the HDD's in this video are SATA
    What do I do with an old SCSI drive?
    The motor is OK,
    Electronics is OK
    but the DISKs themselves are so old (20 years) that the data was wiped by the time...?
  15. I've been working on computers since my first hard drive was from Western Analog. Here's a pro tip I bet they didn't fill you in on that works a surprising amount of time, maybe 20%... when all else fails, at least in mechanical failures... If you try everything else and the customer says 'Nah, it's not worth spending that much money for data recovery for me.' You go to the back to pack their computer up... take out their hard drive and in a last ditch attempt to provide customer service... hold their mechanical hard drive about three feet above a hard surface, and drop it. Try it one more time and see if it just happened to get knocked back into place enough to get something off of it. I know... most of you think I'm stupid, crazy or both, heh. But I'm a Master tech and I've been doing this since the 80s. And hey, what do you have to lose?
  16. I'm starting to think I'm going to SSD on all my storage.
  17. There's something I've never really understood about so-called "bad sectors," like when I've had a hard time copying some video files from one drive to another and the OS says it has an error copying the file. Does the computer think a sector is "bad" just because it can't figure out what type of file that data goes to?

    Why must it try and retry to make sense of the sector, and then even sometimes fail to copy, just because it doesn't understand what the data is, instead of just reading whatever data is there as-is, copying it anyway, and then letting us decide how to deal with it?
  18. "Can we get data off of this drive?" Well yeah, but first you want to get the data from it!
  19. K, I have a question. Just how does a "clack" sound in comparison to a click?
  20. What ever happened to just shoving harddrive in the freezer? jeez.