How to easily recover unsaved WORD Documents 2007 onwards with Windows for FREE (verified)

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LOST YOUR WORK? DON"T PANIC! Here is a simple solution proven to work for the majority of people - NO SPECIALIST SOFTWARE REQUIRED AND NO NEED TO BE AN EXPERT What to do when you forget to manually save your MS Word document and suddenly the program crashes? You reopen the file to find you have lost hours of work and the auto-save didn't update. Plus tips on auto-save and Google Cloud backup Here I explain how to recover that file from deep inside Windows. I also provide sync tips with Google cloud when managing multiple versions of a document. This 6 minute tutorial will demonstrate where you have version confliction and have not properly saved. I will also explain about auto save settings, its default location and how to modify this. I hope you found this useful. If this worked for you, gratuity of any kind is always appreciated. If you wish to support me please continue to share, like and subscribe, and if your feeling really generous tips through bitcoin will be very appreciated! BITCOIN ID: 1FxQrkipKQWjknCSTy3Qt4LrFQV6D9Egds To use this video in a commercial player, advertising or in broadcasts, please email Viral Spiral (


  1. You just saved my life. Thank you so much!! I had to make some minor adjustments, but was able to use this for Office 2016! Recovered my Word document with ease. Thanks again!!
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  3. I got .pip file on windows. How can I retrieve my file back ?
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  9. 2018 and this worked for me. Well at least I found the most important document. USB broke off while in the computer! Thank you!
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