eMachines W3502 Desktop Refurb, Part 2 - Testing Out The Recovery Partition

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Originally recorded July 7, 2017. Continuing on, I let the diagnostics runs overnight only to find that they had not completed. Shouldn't have checked off the "non-destructive write" test as it takes forever and is likely unnecessary--usually if the drive can report its S.M.A.R.T. information and there are no errors, it's a safe bet the drive is probably fine. This one reported no errors. We then continue on and see if the recovery partition can be gotten into. Well, after several tries, I was able to get into the recovery partition, but then it asked for recovery discs, which totally negates the purpose of the recovery partition. This was a common thing for early eMachines, Acers, and Gateways. They had a hard time getting the recovery partitions right. Anyway I did have the machine create ISOs of the recovery environment so there shouldn't be any problem recovering back to factory specs...


  2. 1 person's recovery partition doesn't work.
  3. I just love reinstalling/updating computer OS's. Upgraded my fathers computer from Vista to 7 last winter. The upgrade went smoothly but I spent 2 days trying to figure out why it wouldn't download windows updates(It wasn't working under Vista and I assumed going to 7 would fix it, it didn't). It would just sit on the checking for updates screen for days and never find anything. Finally found you had to go to Microsoft and manually download an updated windows update software then there were like 3 pages of registry settings and shit that had to be manually entered. I said to myself there's no effin way I'm entering all that by hand and I kept googling the problem and finally found someone that had written a program to do all these registry entries automatically. I ran that and it fixed it but then there were so many updates the computer was choking on trying to install that many at one time and would fail and back out of installing them so I had to manually select about 40 at a time so it could digest them without puking them back out. Took about 3 days to finally get all the updates installed because the more updates you install the more updates there are to install. I now understand why after so many years of repairing computers you have 50% of your hair left and what's left has gone grey!