Factory Reset Your Windows PC NOW!!! | Window 7, 8, 10, Vista, XP | HELP IS HERE

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  1. does it deletes the file on My D: derive ??
  2. You need do do meme videos
  3. What if none of this works... my laptop has gone to crap and won't allow me to open settings or task manager or anything... help...
  4. Question my Laptop is doing Bootloop in start up and Repair. It's getting frustrating. I'm Musician and producer. I trying figure out how to get back in my laptop. It's a Dell Latitude D630
  6. You're a legend man!!
  7. no need cd driver sir ????
  8. Noo !
    Not working at all !
  9. guys my problem is that the Windows Help always pops up. even if i click the close button, the windows help pops again and again.
    please help.
  10. Was going to junk my old laptop until i saw this video. I did the reset and its working fine. Thanks for the video.
  11. I can't connect to the Internet as its say unidentified network it's vista I'm using its driving me nuts computer shop says it will be 100bucks to fix I'm not that stupid lol I know it would be a thirty second fix do you have any ideas
  12. Didnt work hhh
  13. Hello Eric I need your help to reset my HP Laptop windows XP.
  14. the good old "CCCleaner" i would spell it "CCleaner"
  15. My laptop hanging example slow file load,app stopped working and icant reset my laptop problem please how to fix this

    Sorry my bad english
  16. Hey I did this but when it brought me to the use the system image or reinstall windows not restore it what do I do
  17. Sir, after resetting what are the apps will be available in pc.? Is it necessary to reinstall wifi drivers? I don't know how the factory condition pc will look like
  18. Hello sir... Thank you for this video..

    My dell inpiron N5010 has this problem... But my battery is very weak... Then can I reset my laptop with charging adapter only? If electric supply failed while resetting, then what will happen?
  19. It asks me for a disc
  20. Hello and thank you. I have an HP pavillion laptop and just completed the reset but now wondering how to change to ssd drive???