Factory Reset Your Windows PC NOW!!! 2017 | Window 7, 8, 10, Vista, XP | HELP IS HERE

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  1. Ru the best
  2. 😝
  3. its stay dus not work
  4. It says i need a installation disk but my laptop doesnt have a disk slot
  5. This only works on a system that has a recovery partition. If you bought it brand new and no one has done anything about that then it should be there but none of my systems have that. I don't use bloatware images of windows. And when I install my version of Windows I go ahead and delete all the partitions so I can have all my space. Of course that means I have a CD so I can just reinstall. Although there's no way I would have reinstalled that fast. I would have at least used Msconfig to disable startup apps and so forth. And I probably would have also tried deleting the profile that the user lights to use since you have an Administration account that wasn't being used normally. If you delete his profile and removing the stuff from the startup and services that shouldn't be there. You can create a new profile and it will probably work like new and save you a couple hours
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  7. Am trying too get into safe mode its not taking me there idk why
  8. Ok so I click on safe mode but after it just goes back to normal screen
  9. Rip don't have disc
  10. Thank you so much, you mad this so easy for me to factory restore my computer.
  11. How can I change OS from Windows Vista to Windows 7,8.r ten??
  12. "Return your computer to factory condition" is not showing up on my computer. Instead it says "reinstall windows (requires windows installation disk). I do not have an installation disk. What do I do??
  13. This was very helpful. I"m giving an old laptop to a neighbor's son and don't want any of my stuff on it. Does the computer have to be connected to the internet while this is done?
  14. MY second option is different (I have Win7 64 bit)
    reinstall Windows (requires Windows Installation disc) I don't know where that disc is. Why does everyone else not have this option?
  15. Hey, uhm when I press 'restart' it says "Windows cannot restart the computer into the Windows Recovery Environment to complete the recovery operation" any help?
  16. My pc requires a disc
  17. doesn’t let me press “advanced recovery methods”. any reason why????
  18. Thanks dude
  19. Thank you sir! Fixing my jobs computer hope I’ll get a lil extra for helping her out lol
  20. i reset my windows 10 and in stuck in windows set up where you set the laguage keyboard layout i get to the end and its starts over again HELP PLEASE