Factory Reset Your Windows PC NOW!!! 2017 | Window 7, 8, 10, Vista, XP | HELP IS HERE

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  1. Thanks bro! It really helps me😊😉
  2. When I get to the first pop up menu there's no mouse
  3. i did everything right until the recovery methods,and theres only system image and reinstall windows witch needs a disk witch i dont have.
  4. It doesn’t give me those 2 options it only has the one that says use a disc to reset it but I don’t have it
  5. How c an i factory restore my Lenovo desktop All-in-one?
  6. By selecting one of the drives, the whole drive is formatted.
  7. when you reset your computer do you have to be hooked to the internet .
  8. I had a desk top with windows 7 on it. Sometimes it wouldn't boot. So I'd start over. I knew about the restore capability on the computer, but I was afraid my word software, excell and other expensive software would be erased. It finally quit booting altogether. I bought another computer with windows 10 which I'm having difficulty learning. In the end I removed the hard drive from the windows 7 computer and I'll use it for an exterior back-up drive. After seeing your video, I could have used the restore safely and possibly avoided buying another computer. I'll know better next time! Thanks!
  9. Why pay for trouble shoot when there's YouTube
  10. Thank you brother
  11. Aye thx
  12. I have a windows 7 professional please help me
  13. You are amazing! This worked so well on my Windows 7 pc! Thx SM! I could've literally drove to a computer store and payed 50 bucks to get my PC reset. Thank you so much! Keep up the amazing work!
  14. I have the system image restore and a restore option that says requires windows installation disk but dont have one. What should I do?
  15. Thx
  16. love how easy you make it, Thanks do you need a product key when you do this? thank you
  17. windows cannot restart the cmputer into windows recovey environment to complete the recovery operation. what should i do?
  18. On the two option thing my laptops options are use system image you created earlier to recover your conputer and reinstall windows
  19. taskkill /f /Im (malicious software file name) /t
  20. almost impossible to find a clean install option with just the product code, clean install with product code, it used to be very easy but everything is about creating a disc or already having a disc or USB etc