Galaxy Note 3: RESET da Recovery Mode [GUIDA]

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  1. Grazie . Potresti aiutarmi a sistemare il mio NOTE 3 ? non posso cambiare telefono e il mio note 3 mi da problemi. grazie . grazie
  2. no
  3. made fok
  4. yes I tried many more times even it is struck on logo itself
  5. sir Samsung Galaxy j1 phone is hang on logo please help me
  6. Here is showing same from long time like do not turn off target
  7. This is a5 they are making us pudu
  8. Si' Ouito' Me:-_-
  9. mobile display can't see clearly
  10. Sì possono installare i diritti di root nel note 3 senza pc?
  11. 那么多废话
  12. BruhI need help
  13. the company is LTEA... but when you were showing final step there was written downloading... but in my phone it is in Korean me
  14. how do I fix my note 3 I tried everything and it still wont turn on