Recover deleted partition with data (recover data from merged or deleted or formatted partition)

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#partitionrecovery #recovery #datarecoveryfull #HDDrecovery If your hard drive's partition have been merged unfortunately, You can recover data with the help of this video. Hard drive data recovery with partition (recover data from merged partition) Thanks KEEP INNOVATING from INNOVATIVE IDEAS Download Links: 1. Version 5.0.1 (Shown in Video) 2. Latest Version for more innovative videos please click the link below and subscrive innovative ideas: My facebook Page link is : and Google Plus Page is : My Playlists are : 1. Tech Videos in English 2. Do It Yourself Electronics 3.DO IT YOURSELF COMPUTERS AND PRINTERS


  1. Really helpful, I got all the datas that deleted from my system during partition.It includes movies, music, photos, documents etc.It takes almost 4-5 hours to complete the process but i am really satisfied.
  2. hello sir i give my laptop to formating but he i lost my al drive can i get back my e drive data if i can so plz can you tell me how send me mail plz very kind maxxpetar@gmai plz
  3. Is it free or we have to pay
  4. Thanks a lot sir...your help and software give me to recover my loss of data upto 90%..but it's a lot since in internet no propery recovery tool is there👍👍👍👍
  5. Be patient 😉😉😂
  6. Sir, i had recovered my partition but the problem is some like Arduino codes, power point files, word....can not open. Could you show any method to able to open it ?
  7. Can you help me please ? Irecovred my partition but i can't Open my photos
  8. Hello ! Thank you verry much
  9. Sir, I lose one of my G drive unfortunately... even i didn't do anything, i turned on my computer now nd its missing.... can i recover it by following your video??
  10. How much time it will take for 1TB hard drive ??
  11. Sir some data files are corrupted and images files showing invalid format. What to do then ?
  12. is this application can help me to resotre my partition B:/ because before i do a format i had 2 partition (C:/ and B:/) but by fault i merged the two partition in 1 partition (named C:/ ) and format it ...i lost more then 250gb from
  13. thanx mere bhai
  14. Bahut bahut dhanyavad bhai sahab main aap ka bahut aabhari rahuga
  15. You saved my life. Thanks!!!!!!
  16. Sir please tell me I had done discart clean by mistake and I have recreated partitions. Is t
    It possible to recover .please give me replay sir please
  17. Sir no unallocated? What I'm going to do?? I lost all my files in drive d
  18. i had windows 7.. so i was installing windows 10 during that i used diskpart clean command and is it possible to recover the lost data as i dont have any operating system on that disk ??
  19. Thank you, out of 153 gb it could recover 149 gb, you saved me from a bad day.
  20. Sir recover karte samay light agar chali jaye to previos recover karna cahiye...?