How To Backup Windows 7 Files (Useful Trick)

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How To Backup Windows 7 Computer Files (Useful Way) This technique is useful if you have a problem computer, and you have no idea how to fix the problem. You have files that you need from the problem computer, but nothing you tried to fix the problem works. Problems could include blue screen of death or any boot error based on the memory or software. Windows Recovery repair does not fix the problem, but you need those files. What you will need: A second computer Windows 7 USB DVD Download Tool A USB Flash Drive or DVD-/+R A USB Flash Drive as a Storage Backup Drive to hold your backup files 1) You should know the Windows Operating System Type of the PROBLEM Computer 2) Download the Windows 7 ISO Set-up File Official Windows 7 Download: 3) Download and install the Windows DVD/USB Download Tool 4)Set-up and create the bootable Windows 7 USB Device or DVD+R/-R 5)Eject the finished bootable Windows 7 USB Device or DVD+R/-R and bring it to the problem computer 6)Boot the Problem Computer, Press F10 or F12 or F2 to get to the boot menu and select the Removable USB Device to boot into 7)Windows 7 setup should load, and you should proceed until you can click Repair problems. Click next, close any errors, and select command prompt. In the command prompt, type in notepad.exe. 8)Notepad opens. Now, click file open. You have access to all your files, and now, you can copy and paste any files that you might need. Twitter: Blog: Consider supporting our group in making stuff: ► ►Twitter:


  1. Thank you for the great explanation and useful tutorial, Jess
  2. if i copy all C folder files is it include all application windows then when i paste into new windows will restore all application windows the old one? appreciate your answer thanks
  3. Worked like a charm.
    Thanks a lot.
  4. You know it must be nice to have two computers
  5. it doesn't paste.If I try to open the folders I've copied to the external hdd it's empty.
  6. thanks dude!!!!I have subscibed u and liked ur video and recommended to all my friends...ty sooooooooooooo much
  7. Waste of time, just download a winPE boot disc, or ubuntu os and put it on a disc and you can backup and browse everything easily, while being able to use the OS just from ram.
  8. guys try this method best way to take backup of corrupted windows 7 without using any software . restart your pc when you see wind logo switch off or you will get option startup repair recommended and start windows normally click on start up windows repair recommended let the repair process go after that you will get an message windows cannot repair the file then drag down you will find 2 link of microsoft go to second link and open you will get notepad and click open new file and you will get your windows disk my computer that's it guys now you can take backup of your data to harddisk
  9. MicrowaveSam:::ok this is what confuses me,why do you need to download a windows 7 iso??? cant you just copy the whole operating system to the usb?? is it because your installing windows 7 iso to another computer??? what if i just want to do a clean install of windows7 please reply...what do i need to do??? do i need back up drivers,and os?/
  10. you are lifesaver, thank you
  11. does this work for Windows 10? as well?
  12. MicrowaveSam, could you use this method to install windows 7 on a new pc?
  13. thank you so muchhhhh.. i love youuu!
  14. 10Qs
  15. nice :)
  16. Thanks man
  17. Hi,
    The link for the for "Download the Windows 7 ISO Set-up File" is not active. Where else can you get this file?
  18. can you open windows explorer or total comander with cmd?
  19. How can I access my desktop and documents? :(
  20. Thanks bro I got black screen because I did not install UxTheme.dll and the task manager can't be opened because there is no UxTheme.dll