how to recover windows7 forgotten password in Hindi || 2017

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Reset/Crack/recover Forgotten Windows 7 Password (This is not a HACK this video is only for educational purpose please dont miss use this video), You can reset window 7 Password without CD Or any software using CMD or without cmd. in this video i show you how you can reset window 7 password in easy way and without losing any data. In this video we will show you how you can recover/reset/ crack window 7 forgotten password [ this is not a hack | hacking video ... please use it for urself only ] i also published video on " how to crack/reset windows 8 password without software or cd in hindi" " how to crack/hack/reset windows 8.1 password without software or cd in hindi" link is here Hope you will like the video. Thanks for watching. ------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------- Subscribe to my channel: ------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------- like my facebook page: ------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------- my facebook profile: ------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------- follow on linkedin: Deepak EduWorld के दुआरा publish की हुई playlist इस प्रकार हैं _____________________________________________________________ MS WORD के videos के लिए ये playlist देखे _____________________________________________________________ ADVANCED MS EXCEL के videos के लिए देखे ये playlists _____________________________________________________________ HTML5 & CSS3 के videos के लिए ये playlist देखे _____________________________________________________________ COMPUTER के TECHNICAL videos के लिए ये playlist देखे _____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________


  1. nyccc bhaiii tq very much ... really ..I try & 💯% working..wahhh Kamal kardiya bhaiii
  2. Hi can u plz help here is a problem my command window could not open plz tell me now what should I do
  3. Bhai password bhul gaya hu
  4. Bhai recommend option nahi aarahi hai pl batao Bhai
  5. Password
  6. Plz koi jawab do
  7. Baii ya passwords aik bar istemal karsktay ha dobara pir sa wahii tareqa karna parray gha
  8. Hi
    I tried this procedure for unlocking password. After renaming utilman and cmd after restarting when i press easy to acess command utilman. Exe file suddenly closes before writing something. Any solution?
  9. Thank you..It really worked..
  10. Option nahi aa raha he bro
  11. Thanks bhaiii
  12. Thank u so much its works
  13. ur Great broooo
  14. Great sir thanks
  15. Merko Windows folder nhi seen horha hai kese kru
  16. My computer is not come any option
  17. Nhi aa RHA launch repair system plz kese lai
  18. Repair sistem nhi aa rha
  19. Thnk u brother.......
  20. Hi bro.. after pressing lunch option files loading n then select language it's showing next button then I was press next option it's asking it's asking password.. please help me brother.. I m not getting option like you..