How to Create a Mac OS X USB Boot Drive in Recovery Mode

Author: Kevin Muldoon
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In this tutorial I show you how you can create a boot drive for your Mac using the Mac's recovery system. This is the easiest and most practical way of creating a boot drive for your Mac. If for any reason you cannot boot to our Mac using Command+R or Command+Option+R, you can try creating a USB boot drive for your Mac in Windows by following my tutorial at If you have any questions about any of this, please leave a comment below. As always, if you enjoyed the video, please click like, share, and subscribe :) Thanks guys. Kevin --- Connect With Me --- Website: Twitter: Facebook: Google+:


  1. But what if it says I can’t use the recovery disk to boot the computer???
  2. Many Thanks
  3. Couldnt Erase Disk whyyy
  4. I couldn’t Erase “disk0”. So I plugged in a USB drive, erased it and currently installing OSX on to it.
  5. Thank you so much. It was great and solve my problem!
  6. My mac cant find mac os in the store or something
  7. After 3:08 i get message "This item is temporarily unavailable. Please try again later"
  8. "this disk doesn't use the guid partition table scheme."
  9. hi dear macbook 2010 after restart press alt or ption btn bootable usb not show why this help me
  10. informative...what should i do if i can't download el capitan in order to be able to upgrade my mac 10.7
  11. Mate. A problem Ive been facing. When I start in recovery mode. I dont see my internal HD there. I cannot reboot since it shows the folder with the question mark. A solution to repair or find my internal disk please?
  12. Love your accent 👍
  13. Dear sir,

    I have a old MacBook pro 2009. In my laptop now it has no any os x. I tried by net but store unavailable & show error occurred. Then I try by usb drive installation. By my Mac is not boot by option key or alt key. Just run as usual come apple logo & then come utility diagram. Plz help.... my Email..... (
  14. Your a legend. Many thanks
  15. Well it installed my system onto the flash drive but, Im not sure that I can install the os from it.
  16. Aye, your still around? Having trouble with my Mac book pro
  17. i just bought an new macbook pro, so now i want to factory rest so what i want know is if i have a external hard drive and m gonna make it bootable drive and reset it will i need an internet to download os files or internet is just to make confirmations?
  18. 3:10 The Entire process starts again but do I have to wait until its us finished or just a few minutes?
  19. Can I use the recovery drive to install macOS on new hard disk because I am switching from HDD to ssd and I want to start it fresh , can it be done ??