How to Decrypt / Recover Windows EFS Data with Elcomsoft Tools

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This tutorial shows you step by step how to decrypt or recover Windows EFS (encrypted file system) data / files. This method works in the following cases: - You have encrypted your data using EFS and you forgot your password - Your windows installation is corrupt and you can't login (you can take HDD out and perform this in another PC by booting from different HDD) - You have multiple users in same PC and you need to recover / decrypt data from another user that uses EFS - any other similar method that i did not mention? Elcomsoft Proactive System Password Recovery: Elcomsoft Advanced EFS Data Recovery: Elcomsoft Distributed Password Recovery: Special thanks to for providing the software. hacking


  1. Dear sir i have some encrypted file but i can't recover this . this is my impotent file if you recover this file i spent 100 dollar. please help me.
  2. I am having a big problem.
    recently I installed windows 10.while installing windows 10 my old windows 8.1 got corrupted and all previous accounts(administrator account) have been deleted.Before installing windows 10 I encrypted some of my folders with windows EFS and I did not keep the back up of encryption keys.but as I told you my windows 8.1 got corrupted .now I am using windows 10 and I don't have access to previous administrator accounts.

    how can I recover my encrypted files?is there any way to decrypt the files? I have access to administrator account but not an old administrator account.

    please me!
  3. how do you enter a username of a domain account?
  4. +sethioz a mesma situação do +Zfast4y0u ocorreu comigo você poderia me auxiliar
  5. i have encrypted files on my drive D:\ , i reinstaled windows on my partition C:\ and now cant accsess those encrypted files on D:\... can this program help me recover my keys that i deleted when formating drive C:\ ?
  6. Hello! I have some document to decrypt, but the old PC it not have password. Do you know any solutions ? Thanks !