How To Delete Stubborn Files That Won't Delete In Windows 7 & 8

Author: Smith Technical Resources
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This tutorial will show you how to delete locked files and folders in Windows 7 & 8.


  1. atleast finally got a useful video
  2. Thankssssssss!
  3. LockHunter is the only thing that worked! Thanks
  4. not working, my fail isn't opned to do something....
  5. Thank you!!!! I tried almost 10 other videos and this was the only one that worked lmfao. Thanks
  6. Thank You! <3 xD
  7. thanks a lot this video is so usefull
  8. thanks for help pal
  9. THX
  10. Smith Technical Resources ;Thanks you so much.I tried to delete with iObit uninstaller.Not working.Again with " Unlocker"..No success. Reboot success again.Then installed Security Task Manager. It did not show the file name.
    While STM still running , I went back to the file(that I am going to delete) location , look for the file.I deleted it manually. It worked! . The file name is called "SearchProtect" from from torrent site.

    So Even the file is not showing at Security Task Manager, go back to your folder location and manually delete it. That will work.

  11. how to delete old nvidia driver files on windows>system32>driver store>file repository this old driver files can't be deleted any idea ?
  13. when i try to move to quarantine folder it says "An error occured while terminating the process: Access is denied" what should i do?
  15. Thank you very much for the tips and help, I used lock hunter to delete a pesky exe program that creator had put seemingly impenetrable lock on that I could not delete using commands or trying to change permissions, but lock hunter did exactly what it said it would do and deleted on next restart, like magic! Your video was extremely well made, accurate and clear and articulate on how to use various methods and I am grateful!
  16. I accidently changed my task manager layout and cant change it back.
  17. Thank you so much now the virus is removed
  19. guys tried a lot of stuff online but this is really works :)
  20. Thanks a bunch, the lock hunter works perfectly