How to delete written files on CD-R (CD Writing Tricks)

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  1. this is not cd-r this is dvd-r!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. space still not available
  3. u f***r told that u can delete files on CD R
    but what about the space
  4. teri maa ki chuut rw mai kar rha hai bata rha R
  5. You Know you could slow down for us dummies or even speak (Amazing thing to do}
  6. Hi to Malik. I noticed that you have an misleading titled video... It says, "How to delete written files on CD-R (CD Writing Tricks)" - knowing that you said (Insert an empty CD into the CD ROM). You should have had files written'd on the CD (first)... That would be the right way to demonstrate about (deleting the files that are already on the disc). Not put the files on a blank disc and deleting them. So, you might want to start over and re-post another video, differently. A good pal who is trying to help a good youtuber. :)

    I suscribed and gave it a (like) because I do like your video anyway. :)
  7. u fcking idiot do u say DVD-R but in Ur fcking screen is DVD-Rw, of course u can formated
  8. Hii
  9. I tried to format but the DVD is not empty and still shows used space why........?