How to factory reset Nokia Lumia 520

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Warning! All data will be lost! 1.Power off your phone 2.Press power button and after phone vibrates once press volume down until you will see exclamation sign on the screen 3.Press in this order:volume up volume down power volume down 4.Wait until format ends and the phone restarts


  1. THANKS!!
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  3. Lassi not working
  4. bang kalau limit 925 gimana
  5. life is haaf cup tea
  6. just tried and works. thanks.
  7. "try again in 279717 minutes" WTF?
  8. Thankx friend. its work
  9. My volume down button is not working is there any other way?
  10. nice its ferfect works
  11. My lumia 520 z showing me (!)exclamation mark Wat can I do guys help me!
  12. it takes for evar
  13. it work i tried 3 times tho thx
  14. my phone is crashed with blue screen what can i do it now plz help me??
  15. Looking for network unlocking code for experia m2
  16. My lumia 520 is not displaying anything on the screen Wat can I do help me
  17. Thanks you
  18. very nice
  19. So helpful. Cheers m8!
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