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  1. thanks for helping
  2. Thanks, this was helpful to follow. Fortunately or Unfortunately, I already am the owner of a new phone. I wish I had seen this some months back and followed your instructions.
  3. Dude I forgot my pattern password, so I'm now just looking for help and guides
  4. still erasing...but thank you very much!
  5. Thank you soooooo much
  6. Lovely, Thanks for the Help
  7. Thank u bro
  8. Thanks man it worked for me.😊
  9. Sir totally contact photo factor reset kuduthtta. Recovery pana mudiyma
  10. tnx bro nice video
  11. You're really saved my life!!!!! THANK U SOO MUCH💖💖💖💖
  12. I did this but I'm still not getting the stock do I get it?
  13. Doesn't work for me
  14. Thanks man I watched a lot of videos but your's worked for me. Thanks again.
  15. Very useful. . Thanq
  16. Good video!
  17. My phone is in a bootloop, so I'm reseting it and when I select Recovery it says "boot up Failed". What do I do?
  18. Please Help!
    My Moto G is not letting me download any apps, and it tells me that curtain built in apps are crashing constantly. I want to reset my Moto G, but don't want to lose my data. I plan to move all my data to a memory chip then remove the chip and restart my Moto G.
    But once done will my newly restarted Moto G recognize the data on the chip when re-inserted?
  19. Super work. No bullshit, straight to the point. Thanks!
  20. hi my moto g2 phone is showing ANDROID IS STARTING after starting the phone again it's coming ANDROID IS STARTING please help me what should i do....?
    if i did this one means
    volume up and down key and power button
    it is again swiched on and showing ANDROID IS STARTING plz help me