How to Fix 3G/4G LTE Data by Manually Setting APN on Android!

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Here's how to fix 3G/4G LTE data by manually setting your APN when installing custom ROMs on your Android device. See Step-by-Step tutorial here: Plz Like/Share Video, THX! And as always, "stay HIGH on Android!" ------------------------------------------- Need help or need to contact me? Best way to contact me is on Twitter: Follow me on Google Plus here: Follow me on My Facebook Page: ------------------------------------------- Wanna get really High on Android? Grab High On Android T-shirts here: *NEW BIG Android Giveaway -


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  2. Is it applicable here in the philippines? Pls help. I have a problem on my Smart/TNT data
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  4. So anyone can share if this method success on ur mobile networks or not?
  6. working in phil??
  7. I dont fucking care about strong or fast internet. What I want is stable connection although with only 1mbps.
  8. Omg thx so much,I'm 12 years old but I did it and my data is faster im not kidding for the video,it fixed mine😁also if you sub to me that would be nice I'm almost at 20!
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  12. The network ID I have an old phone and it's got to be all manually already got the NPA set up but my network ID it keeps asking for I know it's number but I don't know what numbers to put
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