How to Fix Corrupt Windows 10 System Files

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How to Fix Corrupt Windows 10 System Files 1. Make sure you backup data before you start 2. Make sure the computer system is free from malware 3. Make sure your computer does not have a hardware problem How to repair corrupt windows 10 system files 1) chkdsk /f /r 2) ( Run in safe-mode) sfc /scannow (You need to add angle bracket) 3) (Check log for errors if needed) findstr /c:”[SR]” %windir%\Logs\CBS\CBS.log ”%userprofile%\Desktop\sfclogs.txt” 4) DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth 5) ( Run in safe-mode) sfc /scannow 6) System Restore 7) Reset this PC or Reinstall Windows How to repair system files on Windows 10 offline 1. Use the Windows key + I keyboard shortcut to open the Settings app. 2. Click Update & security. 3. Click Recovery. 4. Under Advanced startup, click Restart now. 5. Click Troubleshoot. 6. Click Advanced options. 7. Click Command Prompt to boot your computer only with Command Prompt. 8. On reboot, you'll be prompted to enter your username and password to continue. 9. Whenever you need to run SFC outside of Windows, you need to tell the utility exactly where the Windows installation files are. On Command Prompt, type the following command to understand the location of the Windows and System Reserved partitions. wmic logicaldisk get deviceid, volumename, description 10. Type the following command, and press Enter: sfc /scannow /offbootdir=C:\ /offwindir=D:\Windows Join our forum


  1. Very great scottish accent!
  2. Is this also works for system firmware has a driver problem code 10?
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  7. I would say to do the “sfc /scannow” first so you could know if you have a problem and then do the “chkdsk /f /r /x” because now I don’t know if I had a problem but hopefully it is fixed 😂😂 also I loved the way you explained everything so clearly
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  11. Preparing automatic repair
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  13. Anyone struggling with stuck in safe mode and the keyboard not working to get to normal mode?
    here's solution: press win+r and then type msconfig ( you can only type there ) there you go to boot and click on safe mode and make sure it's not checked and restart your device...hope I helped someone please leave a like if it helped you😊
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