How to Install Android Apps into Samsung Z1 - ACL for Tizen

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This video simply demonstrates how to install Android apps into Tizen enabled Samsung Z1 using the "ACL (Application Compatibility Layer) for Tizen" app.


  1. What this ACL does is add compatibility to already available app in Tizen store. If an app u are looking for is not available in Tizen store then its of no use installing ACL. So its pointless anyways you look at it. Dumb people posted videos making us belive as if ACL will run every Android app.
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  11. i bought samsung z3 tizen os.. its just a crap ..dnt go for it guys.. using ACL even i cant use viber.. waste of money..
  12. My friends don't buy this phone and look for good anorid one and it is not better than low cost anorid phones
  13. guys I recommend you to buy other android phones rather than buying samsung z1....coz ifs been 1 month I bought this z1 now m regretting I cannot play Coc I am not to install skype or imo its just waste of money....dont go for it..
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