How To Perform Factory Reset On Any Alcatel Mobile Phone Master Reset Reboot

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How to Factory/Master reset Any Alcatel mobile phone. You will lose ALL data on the phone.


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  11. It is far too easy to accidentally perform a hard reset on the Alcatel 0T871A. I have done it inadvertently three times, trying every response I could think of to stave off the reset. The 4th and last time, I successfully cancelled the reset by REMOVING THE PHONE BATTERY. Be warned all ye unlucky Alcatel owners.

    The first two times, the reset was brought on by my half-sitting on the phone (in a pocket or on a car seat) while it was turned off, and the third time I have no idea what happened as I was not present. The fourth time spontaneously occurred this morning, 15 minutes after I dropped my (on) phone in a moist location, toweled it off and set it on a table. In my opinion, simply depressing the power on/off button and the # or volume at the same time while the power is off is way too easy a way in to this administrative function! And moisture playing havoc with the keypad apparently allows it to happen without any keys pressed at all..

    On my model 0T871A, the "all data will be lost, continue?" message appears above a prompt, a green X at the bottom left and a red X at the bottom right with no indication of what each option does. The first time, I tried to cancel by pressing the "right" button (red for stop!) only to find my data deleted. The next time, I tried pressing the "left" button (green for save my data? since the red one didn't work), and the data was again deleted. The third time, I tried to power off the phone instead - but even then, it went ahead and deleted all my data. A bug, or a feature?

    When the grey screen of death showed up again this morning, I took the back cover off the phone, removed the battery (and the SIM card too, probably unnecessarily), and allowed the phone to dry thoroughly with the cover off. Then I reassembled it and tried connecting it to the computer via USB to charge, while off; and finally turned it on (still connected) selecting "mass storage mode" instead of normal recharge mode.

    Good news, this procedure (at least the battery removal part) worked and appears to have prevented the hard reset.
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