How to Put iPhone 6 & 6s in Recovery / Restore Mode

Author: Abdul Moiz Farooq
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This video shows how to put iPhone 6 & 6s in Recovery / Restore Mode. This method also works for 6 Plus, 6s Plus, 5 & 5s. New Restore mode video for iPhone X, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 plus:


  1. my iphone 6s just keeps black.. pls help
  2. im trying to get photos off a disabled iphone i havent touched for a few years, doesn't this delete the photos as well?
  4. Fake
  5. Thank that really helped
  6. Mine just go to a black screen
  7. I did it
  8. Thanks IT works :D
  9. Bro my 6s was disabled for good, and my itunes was not connected, and you helped with this a lot got my data back!!
    rocking! thanks
  10. I cannot understand you
  12. Thanks, working great on iphone6
  13. My iPhone 6s is in recovery mode and when I go to restart it in iTunes there's an error less than halfway through the restoring process.
  14. I've got this problem after trying to install update from Apple. My iPhone 6 plus just stuck in recovery mode. I was able to fix this problem when connected phone to my Mac pro with charging cable and restarted computer. May be it helps somebody too.
  15. Also worked for iPhone 5
  16. What an idiot .
  17. OMG you have saved me!!!!! THXXXXX
  18. Worked for me, thanks!
  19. This doesn't work in 2018
  20. Does it reset the apple id and password because i have forgot the apple id password and i am stuck.