How to put the iPad In/Out Recovery Mode

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*********PLEASE READ********** This tutorial demonstrates how to put the iPad In/OutRecovery Mode DFU MODE TUTORIAL: ADD ME ON FACEBOOK FOR LATEST & EXCLUSIVE NEWS FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER FOR LATEST & EXCLUSIVE NEWS DRERANDOM'S WEBSITE Please LIKE comment subscribe Thanks DreRandom


  1. i love you
  2. Mine does thw recovery mode but when the apple logo comes on screen it keeps flashing? New to apple any help
  3. U r best of all other people I tried
  4. Very helpful thanks
  5. great simple video about putting ipad in recovery mode!!!!!
  6. my logo is show red cable
  7. Worked a treat for me superb video thanks from tiffany
  8. Thank You!
  9. helped me out alot thanks bruda
  10. Black
  11. it doesn't work
  13. Cube you
  14. Thank you so much it worked how can I repay you 🙏🏾❤️ Bless your soul
  15. Thank you you are a life savior
  16. Doesn’t work
  17. While official apple documentation simply s@cks, this dude helped me get my locked iPad in recovery mode. Thanks a lot!
  18. EXCELLENT!!! I was able to recover my screenshots! Thank you so much!
  19. Thank you you saved my life my mom's about to kill me cuz I had my phone locked
  20. it worked the dislike button