How to put the iPad In/Out Recovery Mode

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*********PLEASE READ********** This tutorial demonstrates how to put the iPad In/OutRecovery Mode DFU MODE TUTORIAL: ADD ME ON FACEBOOK FOR LATEST & EXCLUSIVE NEWS FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER FOR LATEST & EXCLUSIVE NEWS DRERANDOM'S WEBSITE Please LIKE comment subscribe Thanks DreRandom


  1. Black
  2. it doesn't work
  4. Cube you
  5. Thank you so much it worked how can I repay you 🙏🏾❤️ Bless your soul
  6. Thank you you are a life savior
  7. Doesn’t work
  8. While official apple documentation simply s@cks, this dude helped me get my locked iPad in recovery mode. Thanks a lot!
  9. EXCELLENT!!! I was able to recover my screenshots! Thank you so much!
  10. Thank you you saved my life my mom's about to kill me cuz I had my phone locked
  11. it worked the dislike button
  12. Thank you so much. didn’t help. But this did. You earned a sub!
  13. Wow your awesome thanks this work ☺️
  15. What if you dont have a computer?
  16. hey i have mying in factory reset mode n want it out so i did what u said to hold the power button n the home button intill it goes black n then comes up with the apple symbol and then u say let go of the power n home button n leave it alone for it to restart n bam fix well sorry but no bam for me i do it like u say to and get the apple symbol and i let go of both buttons the power n home and then like instantly it goes black for a sec n then pops up with the screen i had started with the factory reset screen pls help me n tell me what to do i f'd if i cant fix it its my gf's iPad n i don't want to end up in the dog house
  17. f vck i just realized dat the home button is broken
  18. I couldn't find my iTunes cable! :(

    Actually, I couldn't find one on Amazon either...
  19. who is scrolling down to see if it works 😅😅
  20. Awesome.