How to put the iPad In/Out Recovery Mode

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*********PLEASE READ********** This tutorial demonstrates how to put the iPad In/OutRecovery Mode DFU MODE TUTORIAL: ADD ME ON FACEBOOK FOR LATEST & EXCLUSIVE NEWS FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER FOR LATEST & EXCLUSIVE NEWS DRERANDOM'S WEBSITE Please LIKE comment subscribe Thanks DreRandom


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  4. Why i cant it just only show apple
  5. What is you don't have a computer but iPhone
  6. thanks. still works for ipad mini 2
  7. Help I don't know how my iPad got into recovery mode
  8. Your service is greatly appreciated
  9. absolutely useless
  10. i love you
  11. Mine does thw recovery mode but when the apple logo comes on screen it keeps flashing? New to apple any help
  12. U r best of all other people I tried
  13. Very helpful thanks
  14. great simple video about putting ipad in recovery mode!!!!!
  15. my logo is show red cable
  16. Worked a treat for me superb video thanks from tiffany
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  18. helped me out alot thanks bruda
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  20. it doesn't work