How To Quickly: Recover Deleted Files (Even After Formatting!)

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So you accidently deleted a file, then formatted the drive, lost it, wiped it 100 times more and now you want your file back? Well, after all that I doubt you can get your file back but you might be able to... Well here's how to do it: 1. Download the free version of Recuva from here (you don't need to buy it to recover your files): 2. Install it and open the software 3. Select the type of file you want to recover then click next 4. Choose what drive your file was on then click next 5. Try a normal scan but if it doesn't work then attempt a deep scan. 6. Check the boxes next to the files you want to recover then click the recover button and choose a place to recover the files to. Note that chances are low that you will be able to recover the file you want. Also, it's not always the newest file deleted that's the easiest to recover. For example, if you copy over a file over the a usb and format it then right away open recover, chances are actually quite low that you will be able to recover that file due to it's short lifetime and some other factors. This is the best free software I have found to do this but in some rare cases you may find paid software that does a better job.


  1. I had to format my hard drive arround 1 month ago and it just doesn't find the files I lost, it just shows me the ones I have in the current state of the drive. I tried deep scan with all the files, and still the same issue. Does anyone know how to solve this? I lost very important files
  2. this software recover my games ?
    tell me
  3. Me too I lose alot of family photos when I format my ..Motorola Moto g...plzzz if some ones knows how to backup my photos me
  4. Every one was unrecoverable
  5. Great man! I lost the whole HDD by formatting! I hope get them back. Does it recover video file? I downloaded and tried to recover my file from the HDD, but it said unable to determine the file system type/? Why is it so?
  6. I know about recova but I forgetten it
  8. Thanks for this! It was very useful when I deleted a file by accident!
  9. Does it work for .txt files?
  10. I use PhotoRec to do the same thing
  11. Do you think you will add something to the $5 or $10 on patreon to request a how to quickly video?
  12. How to quickly install Mac OS X on vmware :)
  13. Awesome videos How To Quickly! I was wondering if you have an email I can contact you at?
  14. Can I recover poor files? I want to see what a mostly corrupt video looks like :D
  15. 1:59 nice!
  16. Wish I knew that a few months ago! :)

    Will definately use this in the future.
  17. I have my own way of doing this. I backup my data before formatting. But sometimes I do accidentally delete things. Like once I deleted "iexplore.exe" rendering internet explorer useless as it would not open
  18. 1:59 video phew, just under 2 minutes, nice job Phillip!
  19. Bottom line: The best way to do this is... Just be very careful when thinking about formatting your drive in the first place.
  20. I had a similar problem like this a few months ago, I couldn't access the files on my HDD externally (But programs like Recuva actually worked a little bit and could find my files, but it took so long) but if I connected it to a SATA port in my computer I could access the files. But since I didn't have a SATA port free I had to use another computer, then I got my old SSD and moved as much data as possible from it and reformatted it. Now it works externally ;) Anyways thanks for making these amazing short tutorials!