how to recover and replace your data from your broken device ? Baayta review

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Ever smashed your phone's screen and wanted to know how to get your personal data off the device, Checkout what happened to me. How i got back my note 3 running exactly like I had it before the Accident. Enjoy. Link to the File manager : -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "GAMDIAS Hermes P2 RGB Optical Mechanical Switch Gaming Keyboard Review" -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-


  1. To Access your files if screen is completely damaged:

    1- Take Battery out
    2- Put it back in
    3- Hold Up-Volume button + Power button + Home button till you feel the vibration (this will put your phone in recovery mode)
    4- plug your USB into your Laptop
    5- Ta Da! you can access your files without entering Passcode!!
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  3. Wtf does stock mean
  4. Hi, i purchased something in my Samsung now its broken now im in a another device but i cant purchase it again ples help my dad wasted all hes money for that :,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,(
  5. You've saved my life man
    New subscriber!
  6. Hello.....How do You brought the firt page in new mobile
  7. Here is an idea!!!! If u already have a replacement phone and a flat screen TV plug your phone into the TV via USB. U should see your phone pop up on the TV. Then just tap or swipe your phone where u "think" the password is while using the TV for guidance. With a few trys u should be able to unlock it. Once u do that use the transfer app via bluetooth to your new phone. 😁 "EASY PEESY " LOL
  8. My mobile LCD is fully broken I want the data what should I do
  9. My phone not support otg what can i do
  10. This is why the morons need to stop making the screens from glass. Their are stronger materials such as polycarbonate just put a protector on it. I dont want to hear that glass is scratch resistant.
  11. how can i access to my phone (note 5) when i visited samsung official repair center but they said the board is broked so there is any method to access to my phone ?
  12. How do you recover deleted data (pics, videos, etc...)
  13. Very unprofessional video. I spent 10 minutes just to wait until you finally say the name of that software... very disappointed, very disappointed....
  14. Doesn't work! Use-in Samsung Kies 3 software and did exactly as you said and software is still asking me to enter passcode which I cannot because of broken black screen
  15. why is it always a samsung phone??
  16. i accidentally dropped my phone in the water, and the power button can't be used.. what should I do? there're many important data in that phone.. please help me
  17. What if your USB port is melted and I have to use a wireless charger
  18. Here is my problem. I want to transfer data from the broken phone to the PC. Then when I'm able to repair old phone or buy a new phone I can transfer the data from the PC back to Phone. Sometimes when you take your phone to be repaired you may lose your data so I want to extract everything out before taking it to the store. Is that possible??
  19. Hello my phone is broken but when plug it in my computer it only appear as usb not pc suite. What can I do because I have a lot of pictures that don't want to lost. It's a Sony Ericsson vivaz u5i!
  20. Hi ! My vivo v5 lite has a broken screen and i can't touch the screen, but it still opens, my phone has a passcode and i want to recover my photos, but this method is not applicable on my phone. So is there any other way to get the photos from my phone?? Please do reply .. 🙏🙏🙏