How to Recover Lost Data after Factory Reset Android Even without Backup?

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Learn how to recover deleted data after factory Android even without a backup: Download the best free data recovery software for Android mobiles: We may perform Factory Reset due to some irresistible factors like virus attack and screen lock. It removes all USER DATA and restores the device back to factory settings provided that the device is not rooted. If you are on a Rooted device then again a factory reset will only remove the Data and Cache partitions. This video will take an Android phone as a sample to test if we can retrieve data after performing the Factory Reset. Recommend: how to recover Viber and WhatsApp messages How to recover deleted Facebook messages If you can't connect your Android phone to PC, please refer to -------------------------------- Please follow our social media page: Our Facebook Page: Our Twitter Page: Our Google+ Page:


  1. Hi I lost my Bay photoes ND videos and I don't have back up....I did factory reset on Android Samsung Galaxy can I recover?
  2. Diskdigger pro app planning varala ennasaiya vanthum
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  4. Fk you all.. I tried it.. Never can connect pc to phone.. You just want us to download it
  5. HI, Im using Lenovo K6 Note, i did a factory reset 3 months ago and started using it, now my mobile screen broken , want to take my data recover . please advise
  6. Do i need to root my phone?
  7. Can this software recovery reset mobile photo
  8. Hello... I factory reseted my Samsung Galaxy Tab A and I had some photos in it... they were some important photos and I couldn't recover them with gihosoft.... can someone please tell me how to recover them.... I'm desperate....

  9. can i recover my nokia 7.1 after 3 times reset
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  11. I didn't recover my lost text messages
  12. It's total useless.. Can't recover a single file..
  13. Will it recover my S8
  14. Worthless. Showed zero files were lost after I lost a lot.
  15. Dads gonna kill me
  16. How can get without computer with these software pictures return ?
  17. I just wannet to try tis factory reset.....lost all my effing data.
    Will tis recover,Iike my pics(I hardly have any), wattpad app,Tumblr.... Oh God! I need em'!
  18. I'm kind of late to the party but, i want to know if the data can be recovered after more than 1 factory reset. Can it be done?
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