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Recover personal files from a broken laptop, with no downloads, no computer scams or programs to buy, just easy steps to follow to get your lost data from a broken PC. Visit my website:


  1. Nice one mate 👍🏻
  2. Simple clearly explained, yet precise thank you Miguel...Excellent knowledgeable resource!
  3. does a laptop have a place for additional hard drive or is the cord the only option for those of us who just have laptops
  4. does installing the laptop hdd allow me to use the windows OS I was using on my laptop? If yes, then will it void my original serial number of windows 10?
  5. so if i put it on my pc i can use a a extra drive its not gonna affect any damage to my pc right. please reply thanks
  6. I did purchase this hard drive enclosure but my USB does not show up how do I get the information
  7. Ok I can buy a cable for my broken Compaq Presario CQ61 Laptop, I am going to take the hard drive out of my Compaq Presario CQ61, it's a USB Cable I have to plug in, is it a 2,5" Sata interface and is it 15 or 22 pin I need and again this is the cheapest cable to attach to the hard drive which I am going to take out of my Compaq Presario CQ61 and attach the cable to this hard drive, so what should I type into EBay or even better AliExpress as they cost around £3
  8. You expect me to do this
  9. Hiya, thanks for the great info. Could you please tell me the mane of the adapter that attaches the hard drive to the PC , so, I know what to ask for when purchesing one. Thanks for your time, Lucy B.🐸🐰🐩🐴🐅🐎🐭🐷🐕🐆🐃
  10. Hello sir
    I connected my hard drive using usp to sata, connected to working laptop but laocal disk folder doesn’t show up
  11. I have a Dell Latitude D505 Laptop which the screen is damaged. I have taken the hard drive out and it is not made like other hard drives it has no pins just a long bar with metal connectors and on the side of that it is four small pins on the side of the bar. The drive is a Fujitsu, mode number MHV2060AH. What type of connector or connection can I make with this hard drive to access my files?
  12. worked perfect! thanks! so many memories have been saved!
  13. So would this only be able to get back files likes documents, videos, etc but not programs previously installed in the old laptop?
  14. My pc screen randomly broke and cant extract files... this confused my too much
  15. Can you remove the hard drive from the broken laptop and insert it in a different laptop to retrieve the files? I don't have a pc to connect it to, I only another laptop. Thanks.
  16. thanks worked a treat
  17. awesome
  18. Thank you! Helpful +++
  19. I tried this and I got a pop up on my laptop saying it malfunctioned what does that mean
  20. Do I need the enclosure or can I use the USB attachment shown here if I want to pull the Data from a computer HDD onto a Laptop?