How to Recover Data from Corrupt Harddrive in Linux

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Tutorial on how to successfully recover data from a Severely Corrupted hard drive in Ubuntu Linux using Testdisk and Photorec. A “professional” repair shop attempted recovery of data from this Windows Laptop drive, but failed. Using Testdisk in Linux I recovered about 70% of the drive. (Could have been more, but it was crippling my system and running horrifically slow) sudo apt-get install smartmontools sudo apt-get install --no-install-recommends smartmontools Find out drive number with GUI tools, Gparted, or “fdisk -l” sudo smartctl -a /dev/sdx sudo testdisk /dev/sdx Take a backup image if you have enough disk space spare on your system sudo photorec image.dd (or /dev/sdx) find . -type f \( -iname "*.jpg" -o -iname "*.jpeg" -o -iname "*.png" \) -exec cp '{}' /destination/ \; Wallpaper:


  1. its not coming up in the list sadly :(
  2. very nice video. thank you very much
  3. why the app testdisk or photorec shows up but i cant enter any keyboard key !
  4. I have one driver that i was using to make a bartop with arcade games in it to backup some data, but i forgot about it and one day turned the system on and it got bad blocks, and since i didn't want to mess with it and didn't have installed anything anyway i started formating it, but just as i pressed the format disk i remembered it and turned the system off, but of course the damage was made, so the question is: will it help me restore this hd or my data?
  5. Hi,Here is a problem:
    I have a 200GB internal pc hdd that was partitioned to have winxp and
    ubuntu 10 running on it. My windows xp needed to be redone fresh so I
    booted to an Ubuntu 16.04 LiveUSB to erase the partition using GParted. I
    then decided I wanted to resize my existing Ubuntu partition. I think I
    was going from about 100 to the full size of my hard drive. I started
    to see the task and waited about 5 min. I realized that the process was
    going to take a very very long time and so i used the" back button to
    start" to cancel the operation.but i don't validated the "apply botton"
    Now my problems begin. the pc not booting at all. Any hint about? Thanks in advance
  6. How did that hard disk drive get so terribly corrupted anyway?
  7. You are the boss. But how to navigate and to save recovered file to usb stick memory?
  8. iv ran out of hdd space on a linux mint virtual machine now it wont boot and cant get it into recovery mode what should i do ???
  9. Use for proprietary software they said. It is much more capable they said
  10. Thank you for reminding me of the testdisk utility!
  11. On my drive 32 hours does not even begin to make progress on the drive. It gets stuck with many bad clusters at the beginning. I believe that most of the disk later on is good. Is there any way to do the backup starting at the middle of a partition or maybe start at the end and go backwards?
  12. What do I do if Desktop Settings was open along with multiple other programs, and while using another program, it seemed to glitch and set parts of the bar with the icons far apart and off the screen, despite that I hadn't been using Desktop Settings during this?
  13. I've broken my android phone. I've lost it and when I found it, it was inside my wash machine. So the mobile is not turning on. If this process do you think is possible to recovery something? ;)
  14. What the heck I don't know, smartctl is not working for me
  15. What the heck I don't know, the command; sudo apt-get install testdisk is not working for me
  16. I have the SAME HDD! Linux wrote over my partition and rooted it, and all my stuff is gone... Can I still recover my stuff or is it stuck on that Linux partition now?
  17. So you can only backup jpg, gif, png files with this app?
    So then how do I restore video files and other stuff?
    This is confusing, and I didn't know what to do in testdisk after searching through the HDD.
    Could you redo this tutorial but with normal / user-friendly apps please? And is there an app that will allow me to backup the HDD to multiple USB sticks because my disk doesn't have enough space?
  18. Please tell what do i should
    My hard disk (500 GB) loss during install kali linux
    How can i recover it
    Given me any solution
  19. Brit, right?
  20. Man,you are a lifesaver....My best friend just died recently in an accident,his family gave me his hdd,but it was non responsive,with your tutorial,i was able to recover all of his pics.....Thank You!!!