How to recover data from formatted drives?

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Watch this informative video tutorial to know how easily you can retrieve data from accidentally formatted drives using Remo Recover software on Windows operating system


  1. Nothing.
  2. ayuda por favor, inicio a escanear No Partitions Found. Do you Want to perform an additional scan for specific file types by choosig the files based on their extensions?
  3. very use full software full date recover in hard-drive all video files... Thanks sir
  4. why is it when i try to buy Remo Pro it ask's me to select between
    To recover missing / deleted file, To recover deleted / lost media files or To recover formatted / re-formatted partitions ?
    do i need to buy 3 version's of this product ? and do i pay full price for each ?
  5. how long take the SEARCH LOST PARTITIONS? it say this might take few minutes and in 10% passed already 20 minutes ! is for a 1 TB disk ! I used the faster method and partition recovery
  6. Do we need Licence key?
  7. How fix It?, Please, in my Laptop, remo found 4 disc C:\ , and i need the files of last version.
  8. Hi, remo found 42 partitions in my windows laptop. I need to find a .skp file (sketchup file), what should i do.