How to Recover Deleted files and folders from Pendrive or Hard Disk

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RecoverMyFile is used to recover deleted files from your Hard Disk or Pen Drive. This is not a free software but you can download a full version from Download software :


  1. how about 3 years folder ? can recover?
  2. Hai,
    this software recovering the files "SECTOR VISE". Is it possible to recover the files in original folder wise?
  3. Dude that link was expiered can u please tell me which version of recover my files you used to recover folders
  4. how can i get the activation key
  5. DUDE THANK YOU!!!!! YOU SAVED ALL MY WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GOD BLESS YOU MAN!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. how to recover loSt file ?
  7. You may visit here for pen drive recovery software :