How to Recover Deleted SD Card Files for FREE | Mac

Author: Dean Rojas
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In this video I will be showing how to recover recently deleted files on your Mac, SD card, external hard drive, thumb drive or anything that you plug into your computer. This one: PhotoRec: Windows tutorial: Windows: _____________________________________________ Get these Presets! Follow me on instagram! My Camera Gear! My Camera: Wide Angle Lens: Lav mic: Shotgun mic: Memory cards: Ball Tripod: Big Tripod: Harddrive: Stylish Camera bag: Headphones:


  1. I accidentally formatted a micro SD card that contained hours of family videos from the last 8 months. Got the videos back. THANKS A MILLION!!! Very straight forward tutorial.
  2. My brother!! I can't begin to tell you how much this tutorial SAVED MY BUTT!!! If you're ever in So Cal....dinner's on me!!!
  4. I was able to recovery my photo with PhotoRec I used the qphotorec_win in the folder I downloaded. It worked great.
  5. Is there a good paid option you'd recommend that's a bit faster to use.
  6. I had a feeling something would go wrong. When I sign in as the root user and go to downloads it's blank.
  7. nvm... why are the recovered videos playing in black.. help
  8. BROOOOO i think you just saved me... i’m on the part where it’s recovering and it’s saying 3 hrs to complete. PLEASE I HOPE THIS WORKS!! PLEASE if it does man i love you forever!!!
  9. The videos play back blank.. anyone know how to fix this?
  10. Damn I felt so lost but your video saved me😂👍🏻
  11. I love you so much you have no idea
  12. Omg you saved my life, my SD card unplugged as I was importing my files and it formatted itself, my heart broke. I’m so glad I stumble upon your video I got my files back.....THANK YOU!!!
  13. lol, i love the way this shit started off, im sitting up here mad as hell, then i see the beginning lol
  14. Bloody hell !! I thought I had lost all my picture (from a weeding) but guy you saved my ass !! and the guy who did that software as well !! THANK YOU EVER SO MUCH !!! Do not ever stop to share your precious knowledge!
  15. Awesome thanks so much worked great
  16. Genius... !!! U saved me Bro. God bless you
  17. My videos show up but are just a black screen. Is there a way to fix it?
  18. I formated my sd cardso i could shoot new footage, but i did not realise that I didnt backed up the old footage, and when I try recovering my sd card, it only gives me the new footage.. please help :(
  19. I’m trying to recover photos that I accidentally deleted on an external hard drive, but the amount of the data is to much to put it in a folder on my computer’s hard drive. My question is how do a direct the files that are being recover into an external hard drive?
  20. Hello Dean. I hope you could help me out. I have pictures in this SD card that I am transferring to my external drive, then suddenly it asked for those with same file names to be replaced, I click yes and apply to all. after the process, I found out that after that the files with the same file names are different pictures. How to recover the images that was overwritten? Should I recover my SD card or the external drive? If I try to recover my SD card, those original images cannot be opened. It can be recovered but if I try to open, it says that file is either too large or corrupted. please help me out. Thanks