How to Recover Deleted SD Card Files for FREE | Mac (Working 2019)

Author: Dean Rojas
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In this video I will be showing how to recover recently deleted files on your Mac, SD card, external hard drive, thumb drive or anything that you plug into your computer. This one: PhotoRec: Windows tutorial: Windows: _____________________________________________ Get these Presets! Follow me on instagram! My Camera Gear! My Camera: Wide Angle Lens: Lav mic: Shotgun mic: Memory cards: Ball Tripod: Big Tripod: Harddrive: Stylish Camera bag: Headphones:


  1. I accidentally formatted a micro SD card that contained hours of family videos from the last 8 months. Got the videos back. THANKS A MILLION!!! Very straight forward tutorial.
  2. And it's a fucking download probably full of viruses.
  3. Works great! Wife almost lost 600 wedding photos from last weekend until we found this...
  4. Is anyone else not able to open up the files? They just load forever and then never open?
  5. Thanks for the help worked perfectly
  6. Just came back from Japan and the first thing this Jet lag infested dude does is deleted all photos and then format his XQD card. This saved my whole trip! Thanks Dean!!
  7. Quick question I’m trying to recover a project on garage band and I deleted it from the trash folder. When I’m doing the scan where should I start? I also want to know what format garage band project save under since using this program it changes the files names please please help anyone
  8. No Joke this was the best tutorial because it was the one I needed the most. Just got done shooting a competition this morning and when I went to edit it said that the computer couldn't read the card. Sucks because I needed to get them edited so that I could get them sent off to people. You are a life saver. Thanks for making this video way back when.
  9. This did not recover my videos.
  10. OMG it worked !!! I'm a Foodie Youtuber ( Let's Eat Cuisine ) and deleted footage from 3 of my videos from my camera . I literally could not believe myself. I could kiss you right now . You're amazing !!!
  11. Dude you literally saved my life with this. I was looking all over google for the past 24 hours loosing my mind over my lost files. Thank you so much big like and massive subscribe
  12. Mine didn't work, I lost 671 photos.
  13. I can't open the extracted photorec file.

    The pop up says
    "photorec" is damaged and can't be opened. You should move it to Trash.
    Options: Cancel / Move to Trash

    What should I do? :(
  14. My “other” user is missing. Is it because I deleted the downloaded file?

    I used it once, and thought to keep it since I may need it In the Future.
  15. Hi, so I have lost my previous shootninages. I have followed your tutorial which it has worked but it only shows up the last photoshoot that I have done it's not bringing up previous shoots. Is this because the card was formated on a camera or am I doing something wrong?
    I would appreciate some direction here 😭
  16. Life saver :)
    Recovered a rehearsal dinner. You're awesome!!
  17. THE MAN!!!!
  18. how do i delete recup files now. its impossible
  19. thanks!
  20. Hi. i have a problem please write me. I also got the photos / videos. please write me on facebook. Françesk Shkembi