How to Recover Deleted SD Card Files for FREE | Mac (Working 2019)

Author: Dean Rojas
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In this video I will be showing how to recover recently deleted files on your Mac, SD card, external hard drive, thumb drive or anything that you plug into your computer. This one: PhotoRec: Windows tutorial: Windows: _____________________________________________ Get these Presets! Follow me on instagram! My Camera Gear! My Camera: Wide Angle Lens: Lav mic: Shotgun mic: Memory cards: Ball Tripod: Big Tripod: Harddrive: Stylish Camera bag: Headphones:


  1. I accidentally formatted a micro SD card that contained hours of family videos from the last 8 months. Got the videos back. THANKS A MILLION!!! Very straight forward tutorial.
  2. Can you use this to recover files from a Macintosh HD hard drive? This only seems to read external HD's. Help?
  3. Update: this worked but it reformatted my computer after l terminated root
  4. Dude l lost my files today and tried pretty much everything. Downloaded a bunch of programs that did nothing for me and most of them tried to charge me a fee. Was about to give up and then watched this video. THANK YOU!!! Got all my files back, l could cry
  5. I reached till the 2nd last step and didnt knew how to start thank you very muchhh
  6. It doesn’t work anymore on MacOS Catalina ;(
  7. thanks for the video! I'm still having problems recovering with this method on Catalina 10.15.2, when I download the folder in root and try to open it, I get an error message that sends me this link


    like the file won't unzip.
    any advice or ideas would be super helpful! trying to recover some files from my sd card (before reformat) after my external hard drive failed and I wasn't able to recover anything from that.
  8. Bro I am not able to copy or open recovered videos. It starts preparing to copy & hangs, can you please help ?
  9. So this was someone helpful, except for the fact that the MP4 that were accidentally deleted showed up on the recovery files folder but when I tried to play some that were MP4 , I get an error... "Windows Media cannot play the file", and other videos were converted into pictures.... I am so confused, not sure what when wrong. :-(
  10. Doesn't work for video files
  11. SOMEONE PLEASE HELP I did every step and now I’m at 3:10 but I can’t choose any of the media down below. Enter just acts like an arrow key I can’t select any of the media? PLEASE HELPPP
  12. "sudo photorec" and you don't need to log out and back in as root.
  13. I keep getting "Bad CPU type in executable" when I try to run Photorec
  14. I just subbed Bc you saved my life
  15. What am I doing wrong? I accidentally formatted over a card and I need these pictures back! My SD cards are showing 7 files max found but no pictures? Why is everyone else having good luck with this? HELP!
  16. Why saying that the guy does not need any money, its a great software and the guy need to get some props
  17. I've downloaded all of the photos but I'm having trouble with moving the images or even deleting the images
  18. Hi Dean. What if all my videos recovered in a wrong format? Even in jpg… How can I save them?
  19. Dude i did this thinking it would help me get what i deleted from my bin.
    it created a third user called "Other" how can i delete it!!! it won't from the admin acc. and it acts as an admin acc !!
  20. I have done this process once time ago with no any problem. Today, I wanted to use it again but no terminal window gets opened after clicking on "photorec". Do you know what's wrong?