How to Recover Deleted SD Card Files for FREE | Mac (Working 2019)

Author: Dean Rojas
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In this video I will be showing how to recover recently deleted files on your Mac, SD card, external hard drive, thumb drive or anything that you plug into your computer. This one: PhotoRec: Windows tutorial: Windows: _____________________________________________ Get these Presets! Follow me on instagram! My Camera Gear! My Camera: Wide Angle Lens: Lav mic: Shotgun mic: Memory cards: Ball Tripod: Big Tripod: Harddrive: Stylish Camera bag: Headphones:


  1. I accidentally formatted a micro SD card that contained hours of family videos from the last 8 months. Got the videos back. THANKS A MILLION!!! Very straight forward tutorial.
  2. Trying this as soon as I get home! You are a life saver dude!
  3. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! With this video I was able to get wedding and graduation pictures back that were irreplaceable! I can not thank you enough.
  4. It worked brillantly! Thank you so much! Lifesaver!!!
  5. Thanks for the nice video! is there a way to repair recoverd gopro mp4 files? after recovering them in PhotoRec they are not plaing back?
  6. thanks alot you're a lifesaver 30,000+ files saved
  7. if after you recover your files they won't delete check out this video -
  8. I have the files but i cant transfer at all anywhere. Anyone has this problem too? Im on MacBook Air 13’ Mojave
  9. Your video Did Not work
  10. I followed ok until the black terminal upon opening User, Root,, It's not Prompting me with Anything. The black terminal I have Looks NOTHING like yours, and no way to choose the memory card
  11. was able to recover the files, now how could i delete the recovered files? tried to delete some photos recovered photos, it wouldnt work.
  12. You absolute DREAM! Restored all my holiday footage! Thanks bud!
  13. can you pls help me? i guess that i have got the videos but they are all black.what can i do?
  14. Hi! Thank you so much for making this video. But now that I've gained all data back in that folder. I'm not able to access it. As my Mac keeps hanging the moment I try to open any file. With the colorful circle on my screen. What should I do? Can you/ anyone please help?
  15. You dont need to worry about your lost data’s, contact tophacker247 @ gmailcom, he helps you get back all your lost data
  16. photorec 'is damaged', won't work.
  17. hey Dean! thanks for the tip. one question after the recover the photos how can I delete the root user? thanks
  18. PhotoRec 7.1-WIP, Data Recovery Utility, May 2019

    Christophe GRENIER <>

      PhotoRec is free software, and


    No harddisk found
  19. Dudeeeee complete life save thank you sooo much
  20. I see someone, a year ago, said it doesn’t work for video files. Is this true cause that’s what I need to recover?