How to Recover Deleted SD Card Files for FREE | Mac (Working 2019)

Author: Dean Rojas
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In this video I will be showing how to recover recently deleted files on your Mac, SD card, external hard drive, thumb drive or anything that you plug into your computer. This one: PhotoRec: Windows tutorial: Windows: _____________________________________________ Get these Presets! Follow me on instagram! My Camera Gear! My Camera: Wide Angle Lens: Lav mic: Shotgun mic: Memory cards: Ball Tripod: Big Tripod: Harddrive: Stylish Camera bag: Headphones:


  1. I accidentally formatted a micro SD card that contained hours of family videos from the last 8 months. Got the videos back. THANKS A MILLION!!! Very straight forward tutorial.
  2. DOES NOT work in 2019. It FAILED to work on my Macbook. I spent an hour trying to do this and at 1:35 instead of opening the chill window with 10 lines asking for a password, mine opened this text edit thing with THOUSANDS Of lines of code in it!! I am soooo exhausted and about to pay $80 for some rip off software to just give me my footage back. I HATEEE Capitalism, I would pay $20 - $30 to fix this, but asking for more than the adsense I'll make on the video is SO evil.
  3. I know this video is old but if you could help me out that would be great, I am trying to delete these files that I recovered from the root user and I can't is their anyway you could help me please it is super important. Thank you!
  4. So we tried doing this accidentally close the screen halfway through the process. Now when we open the terminal it says no hard disk found!! What do I do!!!???
  5. Hey Dean, does this work with cfast 2.0 cards and .mov’s?
  6. hello, I did as what you said, but then I my mac cannot move any file at all. why is that?
  7. Thanksss a buch you make my day!!!!
  8. yo does this work with psd files?
  9. Listen my dude my dude my dude lol that I you so much had my whole LA trip on there for my next video for my channel fuck I need a shower after all this stress haha appreciate it bro
  10. YOU SERIOUSLY SAVED MY LIFE!!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH! I deleted everything on my sd card by hitting delete all on my camera instead of hitting delete by date! I seriously got sick to my stomach. No one else video was working but then, you came along and said "ssssss you lost your files huh" lol. All in all, this took me about 30 to 40 min 9im not tech savvy. THANKS AGAIN
  11. at 0:00 to 0:10 what was that o.O
  12. I cannot thank you enough!
  13. Does anyone know how I can set the save destination to my portable hard drive? As far as I know it only lets me save to my actual laptop. And I've deleted just about everything, and still need more memory to complete recovering everything from my SD card.
  14. Holy shit you just saved my life. Possibly my job. Thank you!!! 🙏🏻
  15. Mine comes up black.. please help
  16. Had a really tiring day and I somehow decided to format a card - turns out 70Gb of unbacked up photos gone. This video has saved my life. Thank you!
  18. What is rdisk
  19. Your intro totally gets me lol
    Thank you for the tutorial! I was able to recover lost datas, turns out photorec are available for window as well.
  20. i recovered a bunch of videos, as a mp4 and all sizes from 2gb to 20mb....but i can't open them, neither w QT or VLC. what can i do?