How to recover lost pictures from an SD card

Author: Gavin Parsons
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How to recover lost pictures from an SD card Even when its been formatted. Have you accidentally wiped your SD card and discovered you had not downloaded some pictures? Maybe one of your hard drives has died and you need to find some images. Well don't panic. SD cards, even reformated ones, may still contain the data you want. In this video I'll show you my way of recovering them for FREE. Software: or Both the above links work to the software I have used. If you just have photos then RePicVid is great. If you have other files (music, audio etc) then try Recuva as it lets you recover up to 1GB of data for free. #help #recoverpictures #SDcard #lostdata #lostphotos #deletedphotos


  1. Hi Gavin thanks a lot for the BIG HELP!
    RePicvid software is really effective in recovering reformatted / deleted files.
  2. Thank you so much
  3. Hi.. My friend accidentally deleted my pictures at sd card in my camera.. Can i recovered it again but years have pass.. Thank u
  4. Hi Gavin, thanks for the helpful video. RePicVid recovered all the photos I needed to get back, but it re-named the files and didn't recover the original creation date of the photos. I notice from your video that the Created Date column is blank for all the files in your list also. Is this just a limitation of the software or am I missing something? I couldn't see anything obvious under Settings.
  5. Did not gind any of my RAW files from my formated SD card unfortunetly
  6. I need your help. I can recover the images i need but the ones that were deleted end up being 90% covered by a blue square, which is a color in the pictures. Is there a solution?
  7. Sir in my case all my camera photos from internal memory its 2700+ then i transfered to my sd card... after transfering all photos i cannot open anymore it says broken picture..
    Then i remove my sd card and insert again sad to say all the photos i transfered its gone... how i recovered it again there is no more my phone amd sd card
  8. Thanks so much this video very helpful
  9. Can I still recover the photos if I take new pictures with the SD Card
  10. How long can I recover an accidentally deleted photos? Can i recover it?
  11. Thanks so much! I was able to recover 272 photos from my Mom's SD card, she will be happy!
  13. How to recover photos from SD card using Android phone??? please help me
  14. only you helped me thank you tried so much programs and only recuva worked perfect
  15. Thank you sooooo much sir🥰 I have found all my holidays photos after 6 years
  16. i removed my sd card from my phone and some pics have been lost when i reused to recover those photos
  17. question from the Philippines

    what if the sd card is requesting for format and we actually did that. is there a possibility that we can still retrieve the pictures in it?
  18. Mr.Gavin please answer my question. Assume that I have clicked 5 photos and deleted it, after that I took 2 photos. Does the newly clicked photos occupies random space or continuously in sd card. Please reply
  19. It works thank you so much!!!
  20. Hi just wanted to hear: if you accidentally recorded something and it got on your sd card. Is there any chance of recovering data then?

    Please reply!!😭