How to recover lost pictures from an SD card

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How to recover lost pictures from an SD card Even when its been formatted. Have you accidentally wiped your SD card and discovered you had not downloaded some pictures? Maybe one of your hard drives has died and you need to find some images. Well don't panic. SD cards, even reformated ones, may still contain the data you want. In this video I'll show you my way of recovering them for FREE. Software: or Both the above links work to the software I have used. If you just have photos then RePicVid is great. If you have other files (music, audio etc) then try Recuva as it lets you recover up to 1GB of data for free.


  1. hey there it worked for me but my pictures are blurry. Why?
  2. Thanks for sharing your a life saver
  3. what happens, if i took more photos on the card that, so there is new data on it.but i want to restore the old images, the ones that i deleted accidentaly because of the card error. Can i still do it?
  4. This video saved my work flow. Thank you
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  7. This worked for me! Thank you so much and God bless! :-)
  8. didnt work for me :(
  9. do you have to pay???
  10. will this work on a card that was accidentally formatted?? my SD card is not showing up on gihsoft, unfortunately :(
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  12. I got all my deleted photos back.Thanks so much for sharing this information on how to recover deleted pictures.
  13. Thank God I found this channel. Thanks a lot boss. You saved the wedding pictures I lost. I got sicked and I recovered. Thanks. God bless you.
  14. We've just got back off holiday and tried to watch our video on the tv with our sandisk SDHC but its saying empty file I know there is data on because we watched back some while on holiday and its saying minutes have been used how do I recover the videos please
  15. I need more help i lost all my files by accident and when i put the micro card on computer it not saw nothing and second the disk is emply and ask yo format how can i do ?
  16. Thank you, I had an external hard drive that got a video folder corrupted with the FAT and other programs weren't working to recover the mp4 video files of Seattle WA that I recorded, copied to an external SSD and then deleted off my sd card in my phone. The free version of recova didn't work on the phone's SD card to find the video files because I had permanently deleted the files. However it worked in under 2 minutes to recover all 15 video files from the external SSD I had copied them to but the FAT somehow got corrupted on the drive. Here's the instructions if anyone needs to recover non deleted files from a corrupt folder.

    Instructions found at
    To set Recuva to recover files from damaged or reformatted disks:
    Start Recuva. Enter Advanced mode if the Wizard launches.
    Click Options.
    In the Options dialog box, click the Actions tab.
    Click Scan for non-deleted files, and then click OK.
    Run the Recuva scan as normal.

    I subscribed to your channel. Thanks again for the helpful information! :) Cheers!
  17. Thank you it really works 👍🏻
  18. Great Video! You rectified my mistake! I didnt realize a button inverted my selection of photos. Was getting ready to purchase a profession software, but then your solution worked like a champ for free! Huge appreciation! Download from was down, but CNET worked great:
  19. Thanks a lot, this worked perfectly for me.
  20. Following this video i recovered pictures but it shows invalid or format doesn’t support when i try to open a photo. I tried with different photo viewing software but same thing happens. What to do?