How to Remove Computer Virus Without Antivirus Program. Software System Restore

Author: Len Farneth
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Part of my Virus Removal Series and one of many ways to get your computer back! Use the links below to access the playlist which I will add all new computer virus removal videos to as I make them. FBI Moneypack virus removal video: PLEASE READ THIS. **************** If this video helped you, Please consider helping me make more helpful virus removal videos. I need a dedicated computer to catch viruses and wipe them out on camera also links to the viruses you catch. If you are interested in helping out click here **************** THANK YOU Full Virus Removal Playlist link:


  1. Will it erase every thing on my laptop i had downloaded soo many movies don't want to loose them
  2. Hey Len Farneth i click System Restore the problem is when it was came out there is no 1) Recommended Restore and 2) Choose a different restore point. Can you help plz. Tks
  3. It work, but my important files were deleated
  4. theres a breaking news that is called cyber attack means hacking all data Wi-Fi
  5. My pc is virus too
  6. devanand singh i hot
  7. My computer is automatic it says
    Please wait while your windows files and settings are being restored
    System restore is initializing
  8. After ward computer start ya not
  9. if i will gonna do this what if my file will deleted?
  10. This videos worked to all the peoples that are here ??
  11. my laptop is virus affected what I do?
  12. My Computers antivirus is not working what to do
  13. dipon
  14. It worked
  15. i have virus but i scan my computer but nothing aways my computer shows like porn games pron videos another viruses to download i need help oh yeah and how to make your d*ck grow or how to make your b**bs grow D:
  16. please someone help i don't have wireless network setup
  17. THANKS
  18. ....
  19. thank you bro
  20. Hmm just did it, ok resetting UUUUGGHHHH I DONT WANNA BE SEEING RunDLL again saying C:\Users\user\AppData oh wait it's gone but my background is black and filled with virus looking stuff.. System Restore, System restore wasn't successful my files weren't changed you can try again but if it doesn't work try more advanced things, UUUUUUGH I HAVE A FREAKING ANTIVIRUS AND EVERYTHING but I'll try again (I'm done writing this comment)