How To Repair & Recover Data From Damaged CDs Or DVDs by Britec

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How To Repair & Recover Data From Damaged CDs Or DVDs by Britec CD and DVD are fragile media. A few scratches here and there and they can easily become coasters on your table. I have had plenty of them myself. Lets just look at some of the ways we can recover data from those spoilt CD/DVDs. Blu Ray & HD DVD Anatomy of scratches Scratches that are perpendicular (going from the center outwards) are generally less harmful or damaging than the scratches that go along the spiral. So if your CD/DVD has more of the latter ones, then the chances of a good recovery may be bleak. recovery tool box download: roadkill download: DDRescue Download: Please Rate, Comment & Subscribe


  1. Thanks for this!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. coming from you
  3. this is a scam people A SCAM do not listen to him
  4. all it does is makes an icon come up on the screen and nothing else its usless
  5. which is most powerful software I used roadkill it stopped after doing 30% .. the part which have problem it can copy tht than what's the use..
  6. there is a file on my DVD which is broken or unreadable by dvdreader, I tried too much but Roadkil never works for this.
  7. Well my .exe application in my game CD wont load and it just stuck on loading. Does it fix?
  8. after inter the dvd this application isnt working ..i cant click the next option.plz sir help me.
  9. I burn my cd 2 nd time after that's it's not opening
  10. thanks it really works
  11. I hav a dvd but it was broken exactly into 2 parts. i really want to fix this dvd... please can u help me how can i fix this for once....for which i can get back my study material files inside this dvd??
  12. it's work
  13. fake..not showing disk drive....dosen't work
  14. good work ! thanks
  15. Quick question, but are all these programs safe to install onto my computer?
  16. hi i have my probnlem on my pc.. it cannot be reset, it says that insert windows installtion or recovery media,.. how can i fix this.. please help me..
  17. I have a set of Maxell blue ray discs that need some data recovery. They were written within the last three years, but some couldn't be read. There maybe some infinitesimally small stains on a few of them, otherwise there are no visible scratches on the written surface. You can clearly see the data tracks that were burnt onto the disc so the data must still be there. Maxell BDR's are rather fickle (no wonder they discontinued them). I cleaned the BD reader and the discs and the discs still can't be read. I'll try the applications you suggested.
  18. my cd disc center hole is damaged little rough broken edges how do i repair this????
  19. Cant recognize my cd,.pls help me..
  20. It worked. Thank you so much.