How to repair windows 7 and fix all Corrupted file without using any software and without cd

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For support call at 877-333-6087 or email at Hi Welcome to the Osaco How Today I am going to show you how to repair corrupted file in any windows Like windows 7/xp/8/vista without any software using command prompt It's Very Easy Just follow my step repair any windows without losing data sfc/scannow command


  1. After typing my assignments last night, I found all of them corrupted this morning, how do I recover them?
  2. How to Fix 'windows photo viewer can't open this picture because either photo viwer doesn't support this file format or you dont have the latest updates to photo viewer
  3. I ran the sfc/scannow in the command prompt and it found corrupted files and repaired them automatically!
  4. it said it didn't recognize itas an internal or external command. glad it took 30 minute to try this because the computer is so slow. all info is the same at 2:03
  5. So what if there's a corrupted filed
  6. This is not how to fix corrupted files, I already did the cmd s can before I came here and why doesn't YT take down 5 year old "fix it " videos? Thanks for wasting my time when I'm frustrated though with zero info on how to fix the files that are corrupted. What a fucktard.
  7. Thanks for the brainwashing music and indoctrination. I couldn't listen to it any longer. Even with the sound muted I couldn't follow the instructions. I need the solution for computer  dummies
  8. Most useless video on Youtube. Sorry but you didn't show us how to repair
  9. My cmd isn't working
  10. I'll get jimmy saville to fix you!
  11. Is the shrieking pan pipe music necessary?
  12. Very Bad.
  13. What the fck is that music.... ! Also was getting c:\users\mycomp> & it kept telling me I must be an administrator running a console session. Whatever the hell that no help to me unfortunately
  14. ha nincs corrupt file akkor minek csinálod te állat
  15. szájbabaszott kurva anyád!!!!!!!!
  16. And what if THERE IS A CORRUPTED FILE?
  17. This only shows how to scan a healthy system. Try it with actual corrupt files and you're going to see a message telling you that corrupt files were found but they weren't able to be fixed, see CBS log in %windir%\logs\cbs\cbs.log. When you open this file you see thousands of lines of confusing text.

    What you should be showing is how to boot from a Windows 7 DVD or USB install media and run sfc offline with options to specify the "offbootdir" and "offwindir" to actually repair files.
  18. thanks dude for this video but ur music tried to killed me 😵😵😵
  19. Nice in theory, but it doesn't always work NOR does it fix everything. Not only that, it told me my system had no integrity violations, but things still didn't work properly. This is hardly a fix all, so don't believe it.
  20. Thanks my guy u didn’t help much but u taught me some future problem issues :)