How to repair windows 7 and fix all Corrupted file without using any software and without cd

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For support call at 877-333-6087 or email at Hi Welcome to the Osaco How Today I am going to show you how to repair corrupted file in any windows Like windows 7/xp/8/vista without any software using command prompt It's Very Easy Just follow my step repair any windows without losing data sfc/scannow command


  1. Nice in theory, but it doesn't always work NOR does it fix everything. Not only that, it told me my system had no integrity violations, but things still didn't work properly. This is hardly a fix all, so don't believe it.
  2. Thanks my guy u didn’t help much but u taught me some future problem issues :)
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  8. try using system update readiness tool to try and fix any corruprions found
  9. how to fix the blinking problem on window screen
    plz reply me
  10. but my computer 2 times restart automaticaly . some hanging problem after restart . this problem is heating problem but everything is ok. cpu and cpu fan proper running.
    is cpu may be lost?
    please give the answer please
  11. you rock man
  12. Title is misleading you did not repair anything you ran an SFC /SCANNOW that's it..
  13. very good video you upload but my pc windoes 7 i change time so e changed but i shut down pc after open so real time is not see plz help me bro plzz
  14. If sfc doesn't find any corrupted files, yet the PC is still fugged, then what? Do you put the disk in and do a repair install? What do you do if you don't have a disk? Btw, turn off that crappy music next time! Oh, and learn how to spell and to write proper English grammar so that you'll have more credibility. Thanks for your effort though in trying to help people. You get a thumbs up for that!
  15. The video doesn't teach you how to repair corrupted files, only how to scan your files.
  17. it say how to fix u *
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  19. Thanks PC Guru 3 Din Se Pc problem de raha Tha Bina Format kiye Bina 5 Mt me Tik Ho gaya Thanku So Much Dear
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