How to reset the Motorola Moto G3 2015

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How to reset the Motorola Moto G3 2015 A short guide on how to reset your Moto G3 and delete the data on it. Techsloth Blog:


  1. My phone also stucks... Plz help me out
  2. My front camera is not work & it show restart camera so what can I do plzz help
  3. thanks
  4. My phone is stuck while showing "erasing" please help
  5. Hii sir pls help me mere phn motog3 hai lakin formet nhi ho paa Raha koi pin code mang Raha hai kya kro ..maina koi pin code bhi nhi lagaya
  6. the phone is hanged
  7. It's not letting me press the reset button
  8. You should specify that it is the Settings reset or something like that, because people come here wanting the "via hardware" reset.

    Your video is right, it's just a misunderstanding.You should specify it on the title next time to avoid the dislikes.
  9. can you please help me i cannot get reset optio on factory data setting and also after no comand opens
  10. i cant click on reset button:/
  11. r u French?