How to Restore a Computer to Factory Condition Using a Recovery Disk

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If you would like to return your computer back to the condition if was when it left the manufactures factory, then this video is for you. You will need the OS disk that came with your computer and is a match to the sticker on the computer case. This exercise will delete any personal information that is on your computer, so make sure you back up all your important files first. *Twitter: *Facebook: All Materials Found Here (c) The Guru Brew Tech Web Show Visit us on the web at:


  1. from where i can buy this dell recovery disk . can you tell me if i don't have this video.
  2. Thanks for posting and not a bunch of non related yapping. LOL !!! Again.....Thanks for the post !!!
  3. I have the same computer
  4. Thanks man
  5. No shit Sherlock.
  6. If I make a recovery disk and if I have any virus or malware problems, will I load them back up again??Great Video thank you.
  7. I select format but it's not doing anything. It keeps taking me threw the same steps. Why the format not working When I select it
  8. not all disk work with any pc i have a hp one but it wont allow it to work on the acer im fixing
  9. It wont go through the installation procession when i did what it says
  10. umm my screen from putting in the disc looks NOTHING like the one you have.
  11. If I buy a windows disc do I also have to purchase a product key? Anyone know?
  12. i am so happy to see someone present info in an understandable way Thank you Steve
  13. Your video really guided me into installing back the windows vista but I need help because I'm trying to install the driver which is the Ethernet and the SM bus controller as well ..I called Dell and the program Vista is obsolete. They couldn't give me technical support...Please get back to me asap in this comment .
  14. computer ko mibile se restore kaise kare
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  16. Like your video on Recovery! I'm having problems with drives disappearing tried a reset and made things possibly worse!
    Would like to try and sort myself by following your video, I do have the recovery discs, I have four discs, 1 of 3, 2 of 3, 3 of 3. Plus " Supplemental Recovery" so how to do it with this number of discs ?. Please! Dave in the UK, ps I have a HP ENVY, using Windows 10. Thanks
  17. hey steve whats your last name
  18. how to use a recovery disk of laptop crashed? it wont let me do anything.i have the recovery disk.
  19. Great video. I followed the prompts to restore my HP laptop however can't get passed doing the backup of my data. I am not able to select the Next option, after it is performing the backup. Please help.
  20. having restored factory settings on my dell inspiron 530F desk top I get the windows screen ok but after a short time the screen goes blank . If I do an F12 status I get the the screen works ok so the screen seems to be working but when I run Boot to Utility partition the screen goes blank again.
    It seems that the screen works ok when I first switch on but the goes blank so I cannot see the result of the diagnostic test. can anyone help.