How to ║ Restore Reset a Toshiba Satellite to Factory Settings ║ Windows 7

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Buy the Toshiba Satellite - We offer wholesale prices on repair parts, accessories and unlocking services on our website. This is a video on how to perform a factory restore on a Toshiba Satellite Laptop running Windows 7. All models: C55 C655 C855 c850 c950 c50 c220 c250 c30 c300 c350 c380 c360 c355 c330 c40 c40d c45 c640 c660 c600 Disclaimer - A factory data reset both hard or soft will erase all of your personal information on your device and return it to its out of the box state. You are doing this factory data wipe/reset on your device at your own risk. We are not responsible for any problems or technical difficulties caused from trying these techniques. Things I use in this video - Camera: - Microphone: - Lighting Kit: - Video Editor:


  1. It doesn’t work on my toshiba
  2. Ive tried this method many, many times and it still doesn't work
  3. Like I was configuring the system then it shut offs then turns on and does the steps again so...
  4. Does it work on toshiba Satalite L555???
  5. Hi, i have a problem with my laptop its a toshiba satellite c875d s7105 17'3" when i turned it on the toshiba page started followed by a blue screen saying hard drive recovery selected choose yes or no to continue so i choosed yes but it failed the computer couldnt fix the problem so i tried refreshing and restoring i believe it said and it said it couldnt be completed the disk file was missing 😰 im so sad about this ive had this computer for 5 yrs please let me know anything thanks
  6. Mine wont do this it just beeps at me and then opens normally I cant get to that first black screen
  7. What will happen to my files in desktop?
  8. I've tried everything and so far it's resetting fingers crossed it does. But either way I got further with your video than anyone else. Thank you !
  9. If i recover from out of box state will it return to windows 7? (Been upgraded to 10 Unfortunately)
  10. it doesnt work on my toshiba laptop c850-b703 i also try the power button then pressing f8 still dont work why is that
  11. When you had purchased your Toshiba laptop you should have found a Toshiba recovery disk in the box.The Toshiba recovery disk once inserted activates factory reset option for your laptop.You can buy the Toshiba recovery disk from Toshiba website.
  12. please help me. i can't do anything, i uploaded the 3 minutes video , i cant restore it
  13. I had an error when I got the little bar that was loading
  14. One question pls
  15. This is great, thank you, just what I needed to find
  16. If you want to know more about Toshiba laptops, you can contact with Toshiba support number 1-844-449-0455.
  17. Thanks I have been searching all over and googling and i could not find out how to factory reset. thanks for the vid
  18. My laptop keypad have problem they doesn't worked ..then how reset it?
  19. ahh the good old was way easy up til windows 7...after that its a shit show
  20. hello i did every single instructions.. but my toshiba now is keep on restarting. what will i do?