How to restore your default file format and icons (Windows7)

Author: Themyo Shimray
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Have you ever messed up your Default File Format And Icons by using open with option? Now you don't have to worry anymore as I have come up with new idea and proper explanation. In this video you will learn how to bring back to your default file format and icons. Please make sure that you follow the exact steps. If you are not clear with this tutorial then feel free to leave me a comment or email me and I will try to help you ASAP. To see step by step instruction clearly please click the lick below. or you can email me at:


  2. application not found, what to do? i have same problem i cant download anything
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  5. I had a question does it work with me my problem is there was a game I copied from old cd and when I opened it with computer said it doesn't open so I clicked open with note book by wrong so all icons of changed Into note pad icon and when I open it it opened the code page_notebook file_ so please tell me if this video can help me plssssss😢😢😢😢😢it's my last chance and we can't send the computer to fixer for some reasons pls anyone help me
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  6. Hello sir iam faceing same problem but every file is not opening do u have any way😔😔
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  11. Now also I am not able to get OPEN WITH option..
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  18. thanks bro really... u r just awesome... i have tried many ways but those resulted unsuccessful but this trick worked without any problem... this video is 5 years old but it still worked... just make more videos.... we will definitely support u....and thank u bro once again.... i will share ur channel....
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