How to transfer files from local windows to AWS linux instance using winscp #video 4

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This video shows how to transfer files from local windows OS to AWS Amazon Web services linux instance VM using winscp FTP


  1. Thanks a million
  2. in this video you create a file rocky.txt in linux AWS instance using the command "vi rocky.txt". But what command did you use to save that file and exit? If you can elaborate on how to save and exit the file in linux AWS instance it will be of great help
  3. Great video!!
  4. It was very helpful for me.I am planning to migrate linux to aws. Please continue with this.Please do some videos on trouble shooting also. Thanks for your videos.
  5. Can you run python applications on it?
  6. Simple and To the point. Thank you very much. I was fed up of seeing irrelevant videos. Thanks!
  7. Yo thanks for the video it helped me a lot, and the background music it's dope. If you don't mind me asking what's the song playing?