iOS 10 - How to Recover Lost / Deleted Data from iPhone / iPad / iPod & Fix Bootloop

Author: F.C.E. 365 TV - iDevice Central
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In today's video I will show you how to recover lost or deleted data (pictures, contacts, messages, Viber / What's up data, Notes, Reminders, Calendar and so on) from an iPhone, an iPod or an iPad. Although the title says iOS 10, this is compatible with all iOS versions and all iDevices being it older or newer. For this purpose we're going to use an app called iPhone Data Recovery created by Tenorshare. This application is able to fix your iPhone if it is stuck in Recovery Mode and refuses to boot up, to restore it or to update it to the latest firmware without using iTunes, to extract data from a saved iTunes Backup (being it photos, call logs, messages or any other personal data), or to recover the data directly from the crippled device. We tested this application with a real defect iPhone 5 stuck in Recovery Mode running iOS 10.1 Beta 2, the device had some of our photos, messages, notes and Safari data + some Calendar notes. We managed to fully recover them directly to the device or to the PC in the video. We compared this app with multiple others, cheaper and more expensive than this one and we came to the conclusion that this really is a good app that deserves a review on our channel. The application comes for both Windows and OS X. Note: Although this is a sponsored review, we only decided to make this review after we tested the application and we were able to say for sure that it CAN recover lost data. The situation is real and not part of a scenario. The application provides a FREE trial so that you can see if the app can or can not recover your data. After that, if you decide to purchase the license, it is a lifetime license and the recovery is unlimited. ==Resources & Download== iPhone Data Recovery Mac: Tenorshare iPhone Data Recovery for Windows ==If you need support for the app== Facebook YouTube


  1. 0:30 messijizz?
  2. Dragonball Z Fan. YESSSSS. Are you excited about the new BROLY!!!!!
  3. I uninstalled clip studio for ios and it deleted all the csp files im working for clients. Will this be able to restore csp files as well?
  4. Most of my photos were deleted from their Albums,recently deleted folders,so I was in a desperation trying almost all the data recovery tools in the market,none of them worked as my expectation except this one.
  5. And theres gonna be messege that "trust computer"?
  6. Did not help
  7. What if I restore my iphone to factory settings? it doesn't matter?
  8. Thanks so much for recovering my data! Ultdata is a good product and powerful!
  9. Hey man, is it possible to recover the data from an iPhone when it displayed a "ICloud is full" message?
  10. hello i need help how accurate is this app. My iphonw wont turn on for the past several days
    I deleted the notes app
  12. I had an iPod 3g, it has a problem, I couldn't access to my pictures or anything, so the only way to use the ipod again was to format the device so now I lost all my data, I was wondering if I could recover just my pictures I lost a friend and I had some beautiful pictures in there that no body has, plz I want to get them. HELP!!
  13. Tell me any good and free video downloader for ios 11.2
  14. Hi m Partho n i have been forget the icloud account password so please helpe me
  15. Does this recovers all videos and photos that was deleted months ago?
  16. Ads are getting smarter
  17. Hey guys, I could not recover my notes, so something tole me to go to , so I did. I logged in, and all my notes appeared. Now, how to get them back on my iphone? I have no idea...
  18. How many days does this app store deleted photos from. Can you recover photos that has been deleted from an iPhone that has been through factory reset?
  19. i Want to Install jailbreak in iOS 10.1.1 But i am in UAE and my carrier etisalat how can i install plz tell me easly here's a Block jailbreak
  20. Legit question client broke the screen on his ipad and the screen freaked out. When the Screen and LCD got replaced we found device to be disabled. Now if i get it to recovery mode would I be able to save his data? If not, would this program be able to recover images after a full restore?
    Thanks. Was really thinking of giving this a try. Seems like the only legit option out there.