Performing an HP System Recovery in Windows 7

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Learn how to perform an HP System Recovery in Windows 7, from the Start menu, the hard drive, or Recovery discs. For other helpful videos go to or This video was produced by HP.


  1. I have no CD recovery.. any tips to factory reset my hp pc?
  2. Does system recovery delete all my data which are in other drives (not in 'c' drive).
  3. I need help resetting my Dv6 I've tried every video on the Internet but it still won't work
  4. Can I use key window 7 oem to active window 8.1 oem or 10?
  5. Installing new hard drive: I inserted all 6 recovery discs that I created when I first got my computer (just like in this video) but when I get to the end when it tells you it will restart several times it just freezes at the screen with the HP logo. What can be wrong? I've tried it several times, and many hours, but it's not working.
  6. I dont have recovery program
  7. I have recovery media which was created so many years back but not readable in drive
  8. Hi ~ Do the recovery only remove data in C drive? I have E Drive which is mount on another physical hard disk. Will it affected in recovery? Thanks.
  9. how long is the system restore is initializing ... supposed to take? does it change during system restore or does it do this for an hour or more? and does system restore require Internet connection?
  10. HELP!!! I need your assistance!

    My operating system is: Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit version and the computer is a: HP Pavilion p7-1054 PC (DESK TOP), 6GB DDR3 and 1 terabyte hard drive.

    I've tried Safe Mode and tried task manager and nothing!

    I could not run the system restore from the windows start button. I could not access a restore point, computer drive, control panel nor any files. I also tried to access them all via safe mode but that didn't work either.

    So, I found this video and used the f11 feature and got to the system recovery that way. I selected back up files first and it is currently doing that onto dvd's.

    My questions are the following:

    1) Will a System Restore just Restore the system as it was before failing or does it go back to the original state?

    2) Will I have to reinstall all of the other programs that was installed since the original unboxing?

    Any assistance you can give me will be greatly appreciated!
  11. Hi there, I have an HP Pavilion dv6000. Its HDD looks fine and I can see the recovery partition on it. I start Recovery Manager, hit "Restore to factory settings", it restarts, and then... nothing! Recovery Manager does not automatically pop up after the recovery restart as per your video. This is just another normal restart for my laptop. It does not make any sense. Any ideas? Please help I do not know what else to do :(
  12. Hi, I have an HP Touchsmart 300 that once belonged to my Uncle, but he is now deceased & has left the PC to me. I can't remember his password, and have no idea where he has stored the original restore CD's. May I gain access by resetting the password with no tools?
  13. What do u do if the screen stays on asking for administrative password
  14. My computer does not have recovery manager
  15. hello,
    i have a big problem, i can't start the recoverey manager from ''Recovrey partition'' and "Discs" (Error I/O , Error0xc00000e9)
    Hp Pavillion DV6
    OS Win 7 HOme Edition Premium
  16. Thanks for the help HP. My computer is a bit old so it has a lot of junk on it, and thanks to this I can restart while keeping important things on a flash drive. Thanks again! (maybe one day I'll get a new hp product wink wink nudge nudge)
  17. they didn't send a disk they sent a flash drive
  18. I have windows 8
  19. I have a question, I have already backed up the files from the "I'd like to take precautions" section, and then I unplugged the memory stick. If I use the system recovery option, can I just say no the the "back up system?" If I plug the memory stick back in after it's done recovering, can I get my files back? Thanks.
  20. I have made 14 time format my pc HP Touchsmart for 1 week ...I have problem with Nvidia 9600m to remove black screen from my Pc . Pleaseeeeeeeee