Recover *ANY* Windows 10 Password Reset (Easy Method - 100% Working)

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In this video I will show you how to recover any windows 10 password reset . Easy method and 100% working. Please post any comments you might have about this below. Please remember to subscribe @ Today I will show you the easiest method to recover or reset a windows 10 password. To start you need access to a machine to download and install a tool. Go to the lazesoft website and download there free tool. When you have downloaded the tool you need to double click on the downloaded file and install the application to your machine. Now open the application by using the shortcut on your desktop. Now click on the icon "Burn Bootable CD/USB Disk Now" Select the target operating system on which you want to reset the windows 10 password (32 bit or 64 bit) then click next. Now select the device you want to burn the tool to CD/DVD/USB Flash, If you are burning to USB make sure you backup the files on the drive first. Then click on start. Next put the created media in to your machine and boot to it. (You might need to go in to the BIOS to set the CD / USB as the primary boot device) on the first menu select "Lazesoft Live CD" Make sure reset windows password is selected and click next, yes. Next, Select the user account you want to recover / reset the password for and click next. On the next screen hit reset/unlock then finish then remove the media from your machine and reboot. Now when you boot to windows 10 it should automatically log you on with the user account you just reset the password for. The tool has removed the password for that account. I hope this guide has helped you to recover Windows 10 Password Reset, This is the easiest method I have found and I hope you think so to. Please let me know how you got on with this method by posting a comment below.


  1. Why some people make videos that YOU CAN HEAR without an amplifier is something I cannot understand.
  2. Hi. I can’t install the app since it requires an admin password which I could no longer remember. Can you help me out? Thanks a lot!
  3. do you know is there any way to crack someones facbook?
  4. It works!!! Thank you my friend!! :D
  5. Thank you for the video I was so frustrated for well over 3 days, and you are a life saver..
  6. thx it worked
  7. can you help me pls. I forgot my password and I'm stuck in reset mode. What to do?
  8. That won Boi Thank you
  9. Would you be able to help me gain access to my mom account she was admin and I can't access her photos and videos she passed away and I really can't do anything on my computer
  10. This tool appears to be non working anymore.  I've tried on 2 different computers with 2 different USB keys, it just gets stuck during the process.  Latest version used is 4.2.3 as of July 30th 2018
  11. You actually helped unlike some other videos on Youtube. Thank you so much!!
  12. When i try to create the bootable USB, i get an error message "Failed to open WIM file" - have you come across this before and do you know what to do?
  13. thanks
  14. This actually worked on my system. Thank you.. thank you! 😀
    Just something to take note of... this method will wipe out your Outlook and Google Drive passwords. So you'll have to reenter them when you get onto your system... No big deal really.
  15. Works perfectly. Thanks!
  16. Thanx a million..this worked exactly as described in the video..perhaps the only genuine solution out there , all others required the software to be purchased..Thanks again !!
  17. Thank you so much! You've just saved the laptop of my husband!!! Blessings!
  18. Thanks so much mate!! You’re a lifesaver!!!
  19. It works it reallyworked im subbing
  20. Don't work with Live ID's Users