Recover data from a Broken Touch screen smartphone! | Android | Access internal storage/memory

Author: Harshit Satija
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What if your screen has broken and you haven't backed up your data! Follow the steps in the video to get your data back and have access to internal storage. If you want to bypass your pin lock! Can't access your internal storage? Well you are at the right spot. Follow the steps in the video to get access to you internal storage to back up your data or format your phone! you can also download the software from the link above to recover your data! easily. recover data from internal memory.


  1. i thought one side of my headphone is not working anymore and i had to re-check it lol
  2. What if your phone has no screen lock and you had already disabled usb mode before screen got cracked
  3. my cmd stops at "list of devices attached" and there's nothing more
  4. for download the page not working
  5. for download the page not working
  6. why this fake accent?
  7. Do me a favour speak in a little lower volume.. you will be audible
  8. Hi my mobile was stolen, can they acess my data which in internal storage..?
  9. Bro, i have a redmi 4x with broken display
    i can unlock my phn by finger print
    but when i connect it with my pc
    it doesn't shows the files in my phone
    but why?
    what should i do now
    plz help
  10. Hai sir how to recover on obi worldphone sf1 display brocken place help me my mail.
  11. i have a Lg G2 32 gb with broken screen and i want to take my files , but the phone have patten and the usb debugging is off, how can i get back my files ?
  12. if it is patter then what to do
  13. adb devices is not recognized as inter.....
    what to do now
  14. not connecting
  15. abd devices is not recognized help me
  16. what the fuck are you talking about? fuck this video.
  17. jesus christ make the video louder xD
  18. waiting for device
  19. Device not found